Thursday, 15 March 2012

stuck on you!

Well puree did not go so well this am - I guess I now know why some of you say that your band is tight in the am - yup so is mine.
Last night I took the plunge and ate puree a day sooner - and it was so good - mashed potato pancakes with yogurt - mmm they went down great - I was so happy.

Then boom this am Im eating the same thing and my chest hurts and my mouth starts juicing up and I have to stand up and go to the sink and hitting yourself in the chest does NOT make the food feel better. Damn those potato pancakes. The pain - wholly crap the pain. Then they went down and I felt better not before I spit and started panicking 'what have I done to myself'!!!!!
Ok - lesson learned - DO NOT EAT puree/solid food 1st thing in the am. Sticking to my tea - this will be hard I was a breakfast eater. Shit I don't even have anything in my band imagine when I get my fill.

I really need to be more careful and chew chew chew and look at what Im putting in my mouth. Ive been so focused on feeling better that I have not been focusing on my food choices other than texture.

After this event who should call but Gilly my guardian bandster! She gave me the 'talk' and put me straight and made me revisit my plan and the best of the call was that I finally get to meet her in person tomorrow. How excited am I!!!! Being up north here - we are fairly isolated (only a few of us here and in our neck of the woods) there is little opportunity to meet other banded people. So off to the best restaurant in town - yes Bluebird - soup for me and ??? for her. Im actually excited to watch her eat (yes if you're reading this I will be staring at you and counting your chews LOL!!!) There is no support group around here - Gilly was my first contact with this life and to all of you - now the blog world is my support group and Im so grateful for you all.

Thanks for being inspiring, great cooks, great cheerleaders, funny and amazing!!!! I can't wait to meet those of you who are going to BOOBS.


  1. lol! So sorry to hear the stuck episode....I seem to learn everything the hard way. I get stuck now and then and I don't have a fill yet. Last night eating chicken would not go matter how much I chewed....I tried twice and switched to a shake....guess my chicken has to be pretty "wet" and sauced up. Don't forget to be kind to your band after your stuck episodes...sometimes it needs a little healing and liquids after that!

  2. Have fun with Gilly. She was my first too!

  3. Haha - guardian BOOB! Promise me you'll give Gilly a squeeze from Drazzie! Can't wait to see you at BOOBS 3.0.

  4. How exciting. Sorry about your stickiness. I had a couple quite early on because I hadn't quite cracked the SLOW and chew chew chew chew chew as much as I needed to. Practice makes perfect. xx

  5. How exciting you get to meet her tomorrow! Take pics both of you!! :)

    Sorry you were stuck. I haven't had any stuck episodes yet at all even with a fill. It's odd. I had a tiny bit of tightness once but it passed.

  6. I'm excited!! See you tomorrow, angel!

  7. I've been banded 2 years and can't eat potato's a surefire food to get stuck on for me, so for a newly banded person, I could only imagine. Remember that puree means puree. Potato pancakes are softer solids (as opposed to meat) but band unfriendly I know the urge and desires are there, but you need to take it slow. Have fun tomorrow with Gilly Bean.

  8. I'm a new follower. I was banded 2/2010 and have lost 115 lbs. I'm now at goal. You can visit me at

    It takes time to get the hang of things, but I am confident you'll figure it out. You will eat bread and other faves again too (probably). I can eat all foods, but not in the same quantity that I did pre-band.


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