Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sleeping, Stitches and other S words.

I finally got to Sleep in my bed last night - 1 move gives me pain but I tried to avoid it as much as possible. I didn't sleep as well as I did on my couch/bed but it was nice to lay down and be warm and have hubby beside me.

I removed many steri strips from my wounds yesterday except for the big one - I took off an edge and saw the Stitch and a bit of a skin hole and freaked out and put more bandages over it - AHHHHH!!!!! I have scars - voluntary scars at that. 3 of the scars are tiny but one Scar is raised a bit - I really hope that I don't get a keloid - my Sister has a gross keloid from her laparoscopic surgery and yuck!  

Today I feel a bit Stuffy and Snotty. I really hope I don't get Sick - I can't take anymore time off work.

Last but not least today is Saint Patricks Day and hubbys birthday and I have made Irish Stew - wish me luck - this is the 1st meat thing I will puree and try to eat. I am also making Soda bread - also planning on having a bit of that too - I really hope nothing gets Stuck.

I think thats it for my S themed blog. Sayonara Sisters


  1. I have 5 scars. 3 are tiny, 1 about 1/2 inch and one 3/4 inch. The 1/2 inch one was where they put the tubes to do the surgery. It was the most raised, the most bruised and the worst glued. It was NOT flat, smooth, neat or any of the ways you want a surgical wound to look. Even after the glue broke down it was ugly. 3 months later it was fine. Smooth, neat, moves like the rest of the skin. I am not sure when it changed because it grossed me out and I tried not to look at it. Have faith and if it doesn't heal nicely in a month or two, give your surgeon hell.

  2. I have 5 incision stars as well. I have been using BioOil on them 2-3 times a day and they are diminishing already and are super flat. I bought the oil online and it's amazing so maybe get some for when you are healed and start using it. My last surgery left a few raised incisions and it's even helping with 5 yr old scars.

  3. I am hopeless in the scar department. I have had 4 csections, gall bladder removed, hernia repair and now this. Oh yeah and stretch marks that make me look like a map!! SO console yourself in that you'll never look like me in that department lol

  4. I have been putting mederma on my scars and they are flat but still icky should put something on know...get ready for bikini season :)


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