Friday, 9 March 2012

Day 2 - Post Band

I don't want you all to think Im doing it all over here with zero pain because that is not the case. I have pain - alot more since I tried to lay down on my right side to nap today. The 2 middle incisions are killing me since last night and all I can take is kids Tylenol. Tomorrow Im trying a real pill pain killer if it still hurts will let you know if it goes down or not.

I defiantly like not being groggy anymore so that makes it better for me to get my head around all that has happened. I still feeling a bit surreal about what I have committed myself to.

I had a short cry today - it's all going to catch up - I know the emotional part of this whole thing is going to pour in but right now my body has set its priorities straight - Healing is #1 on the to do list - the rest of the emotional crap can show up when I don't have open wounds to deal with.

Today I enjoyed - chocolate milk and homemade broccoli soup - soooooo good!!!! I also got my fitness pal account going and started figuring that out - it seems like a great way to track my food once Im eating food in its natural form.

Im not planning to weight myself again until I go for my first fill on April 12th. I figure it will not be accurate since my body needs to keep whatever energy stores it has to help heal me plus the band must weigh something and the gas and the swelling etc. There are just too many factors to skew my real earned weight loss.

I want to thank you all again for the warm wishes and I will keep blogging as I go along. I love your comments they keep me sane and happy so keep them coming!

until later xx me


  1. I think your attitude toward healing is great. You will lose some weight but this healing period is not the time to get freaky about the number of pounds on the scale. Letting yourself heal properly so you can go full force when you are healed is a great approach. Best wishes !!!!

  2. I had the "what the flock did I do" moment too. All perfectly natural. I really think 4 days of hell, then it gets better. After two weeks, you say to yourself... It wasn't bad at all. I promise it will FLY by and you will be feeling like YOU with ZERO regrets in no time!!! <3

  3. I had a flash of terror run through me directly afterwards where I thought "What have I done?" and "Am I crazy for this?" but it will pass and you will be having no regrets! Hang in there!

  4. I'm SO glad to know I'm not the only one who panicked, thinking, "Holy crap, what have I done?!?!" I'm very happy to know that will pass! :) I was able to sleep on my side last night for the first time, but stupid me - in my foggy, sleepy state - tried to roll over on my stomach....ouch! I was wide awake after that....and lying on my back. I hope the rest of your day goes smooth! :)

  5. Sounds like you are your way! :) rest up


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