Thursday, 22 March 2012

Breaking my virginity - TEN THINGS THURSDAY

Hi everyone,

I'm joining in the fun brought to us by Laura today - be gentle its my first time.

1. I went back to work this week and I thought that maybe I should work a half day on Wednesday and a half day on Thursday instead of my usual Mon-long day Wed- Fri schedule - Im stupid! I worked almost as long on Wednesday but committed to working an extra day this week so I could have an 'easier' work load during my first week back which is not easier and now I missed out on a day to rest with no one home.

2. I got my stitches out today - yuck!

3. Im dealing with my mind monster that is hungry all the time - today I am ignoring it.

4. My little guy Michael is so awesome and sensitive - I hope he grows up and is happy and loved!

5. I find it hard to get outside and get going - even in this beautiful weather we are having - my feet hurt and Im still super fat so I don't get motivated to get going.

6. I have booked my hotel room for BOOBS 3.0 , got my roommate and my flight so I am committed. My memory of Chicago was seen through Grateful Dead Tour glasses - I remember very little except buying a Prince 45 at a cool record shop under a bridge near Wrigley Field before the Grateful Dead show in the 90's. There was only so much tie dye one could take before needing a purple fix.

7. This learning to eat with the band is crazy - no shit its hard work - I thought I had more time before my first fill to learn the tricks - but like the pre op diet Im realising everyones instructions are different and what Im told to eat maybe something someone else has been told NEVER to eat...

Didn't everyone get THE BOOK?????

8. I started to renovate my boys bathroom before my surgery - I was POSITIVE that I would have the tile up before my surgery - 100% sure of myself. This was on February 18th. It is now March 22nd and 3 males have been showering and peeing and taking over my tiny tiny ensuite for over a month and its gross. I know renovations never do as planned except if you watch that 'this old house guy'. My boys get their eyes checked every year so how is their aim so bad? My girlfriends who only have one bathroom make their boys sit and now I know why. It's too late to instil that habit. They need to get out! Out!! OUT!!!!! I am going to have to tile this weekend surgery recovery or no surgery recovery - tiles do not weigh alot I can lift a 12x12 tile - this is to preserve my love for my men, my mental health and my olfactory senses.

9. My dog is trying to kill me so she can take over my side of the bed... I swear she waits and tries to trip me when i go down the stairs - only me.

10. Last but not least... This was fun! Im so happy I'm here and blogging!


  1. I'm happy you're here too!!

  2. Isn't it!!! I love Ten Things Thursday!!! I have 1 little guy... He has glasses still has no aim and yes it is gross!!! But, he has to share the bathroom with his sisters 16 & 12... They supervise and make him scrub the toilet...he has gotten better since they started screaming at him and reinforcing that he MUST fix his aim issue!!! Hubby and I laugh, at least it is them not us!!! We are terrible!!!

  3. Glad you joined the TTT crew!! I am about to post even though it is Friday!! xxx

  4. My dog doesn't need to kill me to get my side of the bed, she just gets there first and refuses to move.......

  5. I like that you're here too. I laid tile once and I don't think I'm ever going to do it again. What a pain!

  6. no kidding all our directions from our doctors are so different! I swear my dog is always under my feet trying to kill me!


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