Thursday, 1 March 2012

Official BEFORE photo

This would NEVER EVER happen anywhere else. I report my friends on FB for putting any photos of me up that show below the neck.

But here you go - me at my opening weight of 279.

I must say Im a bit shocked that I even look like this - I have those thinning mirrors and rose coloured glasses so I guess thats how I got here - not noticing what I ACTUALLY look like.

Im on day ??? of pre op it feels like forever and I now I know why they take your money before you start the shakes cause I would have ate a Big Mac and a giant piece of pizza last week if I didn't hand them my life savings.

Im starting to get nervous about the whole thing now. I don't really know what the hell I've signed myself up for and I hope this doesn't turn out like my badly planned 40th birthday or that guy I took home after that pagan wedding in 1994.

This decision is a hard one to get my head around since I can't try it to see if I like it and returning it is really not an option.

Im sure that by Monday I will be totally bat shit crazy and freaking out but for now Im just a mix of worried, scared and hungry. 


  1. Can I make a suggestion? Take a picture of yourself in something tight and very revealing. You obviously don't have to post it, but do it for you, because this picture won't really SHOW how amazingly and specifically you're changing. It's my one big regret in this journey, not having the bra and panties before shot.

  2. Also? I'm copying and pasting this onto Facebook!

    HA! Just kidding! I'm such an a-hole :)

  3. Laughing at Gilly with the copy and pasting on FB. I TOTALLLLLY agree with her and think you need to take more photos in tight clothes. I took them mine in tight yoga pants and a tank top. S-C-A-R-Y for me!

    You are going thru mentally what is normal for all of us!! You are going to be over the hump soon and the scale will be moving DOWN!! Don't worry :)

    And your comment about the guy after the pagan wedding had me rolling ;)

  4. I totally second taking the bra and panties photos. I do regularly. I've never shared them online, but they are wonderful for me to see where I was and how far I've come. I do front, side and back about every month. My first was the night before my surgery.

    Oh, and they will NEVER end up online. :)

  5. I know you hate the picture but, trust me, when you are further in your journey you will be happy to have it to look back on so you can see how far you've come. I also second the bra and panties photos. I had my husband take some pictures of me in my sports bra and workout pants and I really wish that I had done them in my underwear (not that I would have shown them to anyone but it would have been great to see all of the changes side by side).

  6. First, buahahahaha at this "that guy I took home after that pagan wedding in 1994." I need to hear that story.

    Second, we all go through this freak out stage. And I hate to tell you but 3 days after surgery, you'll be freaking out even more. But it'll be OK. You've researched, you've got support and you'll do great!

  7. time to get the show on the road...its so easy to get worked up before surgery on the pre-op diet. Hungry, hungry, and even more hungry but what is great about the lapband is that it will be there to help you in the future..right now you are doing it alone and that will no longer be the can do this and what an exciting journey it will be

  8. I have bra and undies shots too. I took them myself with the auto timer button. Took a couple of goes until I was stood at the right distance and had the camera at the right height. I also look like **** but only I will ever see them.

    It is totally right to feel nervous especially as you have so much invested in it. I can remember my liason worker telling me I would go from feeling happy and excited to nervous to full blown panic to changing my mind and back again several times A DAY the week before. It is definately though the best thing I have ever done and if I hadn't done it, I would have always said "What if ..." xx

  9. I felt the same way before my surgery too! I think everyone does. LOL@ Gilly's comment and the pagan wedding. Too funny. Hang in there, you'll be glad you did it!

  10. Awww... I know its hard not to be nervous. I was too. As for the pictures... yes, take a pic in something tighter. You will want that later to compare. I wish I had more pics to compare. :)

  11. Ok - Im giving in to peer pressure - Ive decided Im going to take NAKED photos - Im a total nudest anyway - so why not go naked. Hubby has agreed to take them I will take 3 - front, side and back.

    You will NEVER see them. But I will keep posting my progress and scale shots for your viewing pleasure as I progress. I will take the nudies on surgery day.

  12. Pre-op is the hardest part!!! You are doing so great.


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