Monday, 4 June 2012

Getting an un-fill tomorrow...

Ok Im admitting it... Im dying over here since my last fill. Im only at 4.6cc's and Ive been PBing pretty much daily which is starting to scare me a bit. I got a very conservative fill of .3cc's on May 17th and spent the long weekend pbing - I thought it was because I was eating food that Ive never tried with my band - steak, shrimp, potato salad etc. but it has continued on and off with things that Ive eaten before. I was hungry before my fill and was still losing steady but now Im eating alot of soup because I'm afraid of getting stuck, sliming and then bringing everything right back up and doing some serious damage and now Ive gained a few lbs back and Ive paid $16,000 to basically have bulimia.

So Ive scheduled an until but now Im panicking in the other direction that if I unfill will they not want to refill later? Ive been good the last few days and haven't pb'd so Im going to go in and talk with them or call before I make the long drive to the clinic cause Im not so convinced that I need the unfill anymore... Its like the car that makes the noise until you go to the mechanic... I'll keep you posted.


  1. "Paid $16000 for bulimia" LMFAO!!!

    In all seriousness, how much of a gap between these PB's. I had a really bad PB/stuck episode week and went back onto fluids for a few days, then it righted itself. Sometimes the swelling caused by the first sets off the others and you get into a vicious cycle.

  2. after a PB I go back to liquids for a bit. I really think my PB is from not taking smaller bites, putting fork down between bites and generally eating slowly.....just practice real hard and take notice and make sure its not you. Good Luck


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