Friday, 15 June 2012

Getting my A*@ Kicked!!!!

I want to say Thank you and 'F' off to my conscience Gilly who totally went G.I. Gill on me yesterday and made me stop and think and also gave me some serious orders to stop F'ing around and get on top of my goals and work with my band...

Im listening my loveface!!! (and not just because Im afraid of you since you can dispose of a body rather quickly and without a trace)

  • I have measured all my meals for today all at 1 cup portions or 3oz protein portions and will make an effort to do so all weekend
  • I have logged onto my fitness pal and added in my breakfast
  • I have set up a new mini goal tracker for 15 lbs.

Its funny - I was sooooooooo motivated at the beginning and Ive lost weight 30 lbs. in total - which has never been done in at least 10 years - even with my stuck/pb'ing I lost weight and I am eating ALOT less than I ever was before but Im not feeling that super high that I used to get when I lost some weight.

Life has been a roller coaster ride through a house of horrors over here and my gravol has warn off.

So here I am on a beautiful day being told what to do and Im actually liking it - maybe that's why the 10 steps work cause you're being told what to if someone can give me the rest of the plan I can get on with being happy!!!

So again I thank Gilly my loveface lap band guardian angel and fellow CDN chick and invite the rest of you to also tell me what to do... hey it might have be the answer all along.... ????.... stranger things have happened?!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. like to see your plan is back in probably got depressed from being stuck so often and just being miserable..the unfill will do you good--good luck

  2. 30lbs! What a super star. Glad to see you've got a plan to carry on. xx


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