Thursday, 7 June 2012

TTT on a diet

OK it's TTT on a diet

1. No one has been commenting on my blog lately so the insecure fat girl in me though that Ive offended someone or that I was being too needy or that really nobody likes my blog or me. So I sent and email to my girly Gilly and she found the problem I BLOCKED ALL MY READERS!!!!! IM AN IDIOT!!!!! So everyone is unblocked and all is well unless even now none reads my blog.

2. I was trying to block people from reading my blog who are not followers like my boss etc. My fill nurse knew about my blog - how did she know? I don't mind so much but it really takes away rom my freedom here knowing I'm being watched. But in trying to block out them I blocked everyone - so sorry!

3. I never got my unfill - we decided that it would fix itself. I have only been stuck once this week and it is always when Im in stressful situations so I am vowing to be careful where I take my meals and I will prepare them beforehand so I am ready for anything.

4. Ive been trying to do my goal list - Ive done most of them but Ive added logging in fitness pal.

5. Were getting our very own swim spa...

A 14ft mini pool/hot tub to go outside of our new deck... It won't be sunk in like here - just half sunk so its easy to get into. And we can use it in the winter.

6. Ive been struggling with my food and my head hunger and being stuck alot and I think that Ive actually gained but Im afraid to get on the scale so Im waiting for my fill (that won't be a fill) appointment to actually see.

7. Ive been so unmotivated with work - I hate the cloak and dagger hiding stuff - jobs not being posted within the organization first. Some people soooo need to retire ASAP.

8. My little one is here and wants to cuddle. Yeah Love that... see you all later and please send your comments... I miss you all!


  1. I'm reading, you don't have to post same thing three times LOLOLOLOL...just teasing you. I am glad someone is technically challenged like me. I blocked readers about a month ago.

  2. Love the swim spa!!! I should get one for my apartment... oh wait...

  3. We all do dopey things from time to time but that one was pretty good! Never mind we are all back where we should be now.

    Love the swim spa. When it's installed, can I come visit?

    Have you mentioned your clinic or doctor in any of your posts? I know Catherine (from Chronicles in Bandland) was a little outed when she posted about a supper club dinner she went to. She now puts stars and hyphens in names of people, things, events so that her blog doesn't come up in their searches. xx

    1. I pretend to be techie and Im super techie compared to my hubby but yes Im a bit over my head when it comes to my blog... Yes! You can totally come and hang in the swim spa... Isn't it a Brit's right of passage to travel to Canada?? LOL!

      Thanks for the privacy tip... I will add * - in place of letters and I think Im also going to change my profile photo... Just In case...

  4. love the swim spa.....I'm here listening!!! I have some secret stalkers of my family too because they make comments about things I write in my blog...HATE that!

  5. I was wondering how I missed all these posts! There are a few real life people who read my blog (like Hubby so I can't vent about him) but overall, I'm pretty anonymous. I've always felt if someone finds me, they find me and it was meant to be. :)

  6. Im glad you're all back!!!! Im soooooo happy!!!! I am jumping up and down (in my head cause it will hurt my knee in real life). A very big Thank You!!! from an insecure fat girl :)

  7. Glad you unblocked us!!
    You will love the pool and spa.


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