Saturday, 26 May 2012

No more AVOIDING!!!

Well I have been a real downer since before surgery and trying to figure out the balance between life with my band and just life has been quite its own journey. What Im super good at is ignoring the hard stuff and  AVOIDING - thats what got me into the body I have now. Avoiding the gym, avoiding the scale, avoiding the mirror, avoiding the people who love me but are honest...

Well no more as of today I am going to set goals - short goals - NSV goals. I was inspired by Amanda who just wrote about her goals. And I was secretly guilted by another bandster I admire Lap Band Gal who asked me when I started my journey "How will I be ACCOUNTABLE?" Boy did I avoid that question...

So here I am today to set goals - real goals - short term goals - achievable goals - because when I gained this weight I lost my drive to be awesome and I did not waste $16000.00 on this band to not be able to play with my kids, clean my house or have sexy time with my hubby...

Goals for May/June

  1. Update and clean up my garden
  2. Clean my entire house - alone (this is a work in progress)
  3. Walk the dog around the block 3x a week starting - Monday May 28th
  4. Go see my son sing at the Blue Jays game on June 13th
  5. Park my car in the parking lot across the street & not beside my work - each day I work
  6. Pre measure and cut up ALL my meals 
  7. Eat SLOWLY - especially 1st bite to avoid getting stuck
  8. Listen to my band while eating - hear it when its whispering not screaming
  9. Check in with myself before I eat
  10. Accountability - Weigh in every Tuesday and post it to my blog - start May 29th

Thats it - 10 for the month - that is quite the list but a hard one for me - I did not put 'log all food' because I hate logging my food and I know I wouldn't do it...

Happy Memorial Day weekend US bloggers!!! Happy normal weekend everyone else!


  1. I think they are really good achievable goals. I especially like number 9. We could all do with a reminder about that once in a while I am sure. x

  2. Great goals!!! and nice inner reflection..sometimes that hurts! HUGS roomie!!!

  3. Thanks for the shout out :) These are fantastic's important that we not throw things out like "log all food" when we know we won't do it. It's just setting ourselves up for failure. Looks like you're on the right track!


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