Sunday, 24 June 2012

Calling all Massachusetts Bandsters!!!

Hey there all you banisters out East -I'm heading your way for a family vacation and I'm looking for some down home help... What to do & see - not as a tourist but something cool and interesting - its my 5th time going to you're awesome State but hubby and the kids 1st -they already have Fenway tickets and I will shop or do my own thing. We're staying in Salem (cause my friend lives there and witches are cool) but she is kidless and she gave me a list of places to party when I asked for stuff to do. So any boy child friendly fun ages 12&7 suggestions would be terrific. Also trying to do a different 'Cape' other than Cape Cod -whale watching etc. Plus if any of you are in the vicinity I would love to meet you for tea (since its Boston lol!) I thank you in advance!!!


  1. Wish I was there....don't suppose you want to come to az...nevermind...let me ask you in the winter!

  2. If you haven't done the Duck Tours before you should do them. The leave from the Prudential Center (at least they used to, haven't lived on Boston in 10 years.) They tour the city on land then drive into the river for an amphibious tour of the city as well. Pretty cool.


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