Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My 1st Real BIG NSV

I'm going along my bumpy road but even though my scale numbers are not moving the way I wish they were I am seeing the difference and even feeling the difference...

I just had TOM visit and got out my big girl comfy panties and I couldn't keep them up!!! I have lost enough weight that they are my super big girl panties AND my regular panties are comfy and I can't wait for them to be my big girl TOM panties one day...

Some of my tops are feeling really big and instead of pulling my skirts over my head I am now able to pull them up and over my belly - like normal people! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

So having the clothing feel looser really helps with my attitude and I can't wait to see what the next 15lbs. will feel like.


  1. oooh that is super exciting! congratulations. xx

  2. NSV sounds so much fun, gongrats :D

  3. that is awesome!!! yay for baggy unders....I just had to go get some..it was so nice to buy some pretty ones! happy shopping

  4. Wahoo!!! I LOVE fashion NSV's! (not that Big Girl Panties are considered "fashion" but you know what I mean! LOL)

  5. Great NSV. I remember the droopy drawers days.

  6. Yeah for you! I can't wait till things start getting big!


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