Monday, 11 June 2012

De-fill time for sure!!!

Something has gone wrong - I feel like the girl who cried wolf... I was supposed to get a defill last week but I was doing fine since I called in a panic - 3 days not stuck - no pb'ing - so I called my clinc on my appt day and said I had been great since I spoke to them and made the appt. so we chalked it up to the food I ate and not being extra careful and some swelling after the 1st pb etc. so we decided to keep my band at what it was and come for my regular appt. in 2 weeks. Well not a day went by after I cancelled my appt. where I wasn't stuck and bringing up my food and it was awful. So I was careful after but for days I was stuck and bringing it all up so on Friday I called again and don't you know it all weekend and today I was fine. I think it's my fat screwing with me cause it doesn't like the band?..anyways I'm going in to take a bit out and give me some relief since I having been losing even though Ive been sick all the time. I was doing much better after my 1st fill 4.3cc's but maybe I was too excited to see the weight come off that I didn't listen to my body after the second fill 4.6cc's - HA! I even doubted that she put any in since I could feel the first fill but not the second. God only 4.6cc's and Im dying over here!!! I seriously thought i would be at 8 or 9 cc's to not feel hungry and get this show on the road - im quite surprised. Well I hope this gets me back to being able to eat my food and lose the weight. I'm feeling a bit discouraged since I'm at a stand still so early with my band. I hope that I haven't caused any damage? I'm really afraid of that and I so don't want surgery again to fix anything. Ok tomorrow is a fresh start and I'm going to try and log all my food even though I HATE doing it. Here I go - new part of this journey!


  1. The band can be fickle :o)

    Let's hope the adjustment works well.

  2. After my slight unfill I thought it was the end of the world... but I kept losing after about two weeks! Funny how that works!! xxx

  3. good luck...hope you feel better!


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