Saturday, 16 June 2012

I'm an Open Book

In my quest to be 100% truthful with myself - I was a cheater on fitness pal and I didn't log in the gelato or rum watermelon drink that happened after dinner.

What do you do when you have company who doesn't know you're banded????

Thank goodness that I got that unfill or I would have been barfing again when one of my hubby's family members came and then there would have been some talking...

I did however measure all my food for the day and write down exactly what time I ate and Im super starving after 2.5 hours 9am - 11:30 11:30-3:00pm - I ran out of food after 11:30 and I was SOOOO hungry by 3:00 - snack and dinner and drinks went better and rum + anti depressant = sleep like a baby time...

Im on track this am although planning on drinking again this evening but I am food planning enough so I can fool my guest into thinking Im eating normally.

I woke up this am and I was so swollen -maybe from the booze?? Im not a big drinker - only for fun - but I think Id be a nicer mom if I was LOL!!!

So here I am blogging my ups and downs cause I know you're watching so I am going to stop hiding...


  1. Keep on keeping on and when all else fails - DRINK. LOL

  2. I used to lie on myfitness pal, and on name a tracking website, I have lied to it. Usually my lies are booze related, but sometimes they are cup-of-icing-i-made-and-ate-because-i-wanted-something-sweet-and-i-no-longer-keep-sugary-food-in-the-house related. Our bodies know all about our lies.

    We need to work out! xo

  3. I've lied on the trackers before and yes, it's usually about drinks or booze..mostly because it's hard to guessistimate. Sounds like you're doing pretty good though.

  4. mmmm gelato..sounds yummy. Just get back at it....nobodies perfect!


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