Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Thursday of the 10 things...

Im doing this week in pictures... totally random like my mind... Enjoy!

#1. I LOVE Betty White!!!!!

#2. I woke up on Monday morning to this outside my window... Really I don't live that far North... It's natures way of delaying my walking outside - nature knows I hate walking and my feet hurt. Thanks Nature!!!

#3. My bathroom reno is ALMOST done... For those of you who may have read before - I have been in reno hell since before my surgery with all hopes to be done by my surgery (March 7) but we are still at it - ahhhhh!!!

#4. I have been off track for several weeks now and I need to get back on track - my fill (adjustment) didn't seem to do much and my period took me for a crazy ride. I haven't been watching my chews and portion sizes so Im sometimes starving and sometimes stuck!

#5. I need a pedicure desperately... my toes are sad :(  Kinky in Helsinki where are you!!!!

#6. This is a photo of one of THE BEST things I ever bought... A soft boiled egg top slicer - Im sure it has a real name but I don't know what it is. This was this mornings breakfast with my dry WW toast and my yummy farm fresh happy chicken soft boiled egg with a perfect hole made for dipping. I love this gadget!!!!

#7. So back to my #4 issue... I have promised myself that this weekend will be full of good food (well fruit & veggie) experiments and green smoothies - Im going on a little detox to get rid of those post period chocolate cravings - thanks to one of the blogs that I was reading (I'm so sorry I can't remember who's blog it was) she pointed me to this website... and Im going to see if I can really add the spinach without the taste - wish me luck I need to get myself back in the groove and fast!

#8. Because of my smoothie quest I now have blender problems... I bought the Bamix hand blender that was suppose to be the greatest blender of all time - for soups and the puree stage but now I wish I had a Vitamix - my friend has one and says its the best - I keep seeing it everywhere lately and think its a sign to splurge and get one but I think I will put hubby in an early grave if I spend $700+ on a blender... 


#9. Im going to see Gilly in her play tomorrow. So Awesome! I can't wait!

#10. This is a photo taken by my 7 year old of us. He is my joy (a bit of a pain in the butt when he doesn't get his way but overall the love of my life) Yes, it is awful to say I get along with him better than his brother - even thought I think he would be more likely to put me in a home LOL! He says wonderful things to me about my weight and I hope I can meet my goal so I can live a long life to watch what he'll become.

Im taking the weekend off from blogging (maybe) I'll be back and hopefully on track on Monday! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Great photo post... Amazing Pictures.

  2. I know I want a vita-mix but can't bring myself to buy one....I decided against it because my doc did say to try to limit my shakes but I keep thinking that a really good morning shake will probably always be in my diet.


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