Monday, 16 April 2012

Whats with all the downers ???

I know Im a newbie and everything is all 'wow I have a band' but lately I have been reading ALOT of blogs that have just given up??? Is there a 2 year itch? I don't get it? I know that bogging is sacred and that you can write everything here without judgement but Ive also read comments on other peoples blogs that are depressing that are written by some of these downers... Why spread the boo hoo's?

Ive lost only 3 lbs but Im going down and my attitude is going up and Im happy today but even if I blogged a really shitty depressing day I would never comment on someone else's shitty depressing day by saying 'hey Im feeling depressed too lets give up together' WTF! Are you sad that you don't have a self pity friend? FOOD is your self pity friend and thats why you probably got a band in the first place...

So write what you want on your own blog but don't spread your dissatisfaction for your weight loss and your band blame to others!


  1. I agree in some ways and I wrote a downer post today. If you went back and read the posts from the first year they are 99% postive and pictures and "wow, I'm in this size now". Now I have to at regroup and I need more support, back then the weight falling off was support enough.
    What's got me down lately is people blaming their bands for their own failures in weight loss.
    We're all going to have ups and downs along the way and hopefully we'll be honest with each other.
    You are doing great, don't lose your mojo.

  2. You are so right and that is why you will succeed at this! Keep your great attitude and ignore the Debby-downers.

  3. I guess I haven't seen those depressing comments. Stick with it. Because it works.

  4. I am guilty of being a debbie downer but hopefully that will change this week. I have noticed that some of my fav bloggers just don't blog as much anymore and that is a let down.

  5. That's been bugging me a lot lately too. I think there's three things in play here:

    1) People had unrealistic expectations for their band. Remember, the doctors usually said to plan to lose 60% of your excess weight. Everyone, myself included, probably thought: "Screw that, I'm awesome, 100% or Bust." Now we're pissed.

    2) People are in denial. They are making poor choices and blaming it on their band. These are the people that got their band because they never wanted to 'diet' ever again. They've probably figured out ways to cheat the band. Or they've convinced themselves that being at red zone restriction and eating sliders all day is healthy (as opposed to green or even yellow with some personal accountability).

    3) We got spoiled. Proportional to your own goals, the first 20, 40, 60 lbs were easy. No matter what, you have to WORK for those last 10, 20, 30. No one who got to goal got there without consistent exercise and an eye on nutritional intake.

    I have ten pounds left and I know damn well why I haven't lost them. And I know exactly what I need to do to get them off. Whether I'll put in the effort to do that, or just be completely satisfied with the 80 I've already lost (AND KEPT OFF!), time will tell.

    Don't let them scare you or deflate you. The band is awesome and at two years this May, it's the best investment I've ever made in myself.


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