Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I need a plan! Getting my food together...

My life is absolute chaos - no mater what I do there seems to never be enough time to do it in.

I'll let you in on a little secret... Im time challenged - since childhood - I have not be official diagnosed but I know I am - 1 hour to me is like 3 to the average person. I think Oprah did a show on it a long time ago where people confronted their time challenged friends and family and told them how their problem effected them... Maybe thats why I still can't eat my food and make it last 20 minutes? When I want time to go slow it goes fast and when I want to go fast time goes slowly... This is my lot in life - I have gotten much better now that I know what my problem is and I have kids.

Anyway back to my original though....

I need a plan - I am so chaotic in the mornings and seems to be all the time lately that I cannot organize my food and its really making me depressed. I am soooo hungry at work and then realize I left my food on the counter or that I didn't bring enough at all to satisfy me.

I should be able to go 4 hours but I can't and then I got scolded by my boss for eating at my desk on a 4 hour shift - that I 'should eat before I come' - saying 'yes lady that WAS the plan but I cannot get my shit together to do so' really wouldn't go over well.

So I call for Blogger Help...

What do you bring to snack on?

Any ideas would be great - Im trying to be creative in the kitchen but chaos keeps interfering - Im usually so with it but Im not sure what is happening here - Life has not been kind to me since I have gotten the band.


  1. Hey lady! I am DEF. time challenged - my husband kind of despairs sometimes. When we were first going out, he had to really sit me down and explain that it made him feel really unvalued when I didn't bother to be on time for things we were doing together. It really hit home for me - I'm a constant work in progress, though, so I try, but don't always succeed! Anyway, long tangent - I never leave anything to get done in the morning. I make my breakfast and lunch the night before when I'm setting the coffee. My go to was always a fruit smoothie - plain yogurt, frozen fruit [your choice], 2 tbsp flax, and a splenda for flavor. Blend it up, stick in the fridge, grab and go in the morning. Or hard boiled eggs have saved my life many a time. Stick an apple with it, and you've got awesome protein, and fibre rich staying power. I pre-portion out my lunch, make sure it's all in a bag in the fridge, and grab it on my way out the door. Those are my thoughts - pretty easy, I think, and you just need to make time for it when you're already in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner or something. Hope that helps! You will get through bandster hell, I promise!

  2. Snacks: laughing cow triangle with 4 no name rice crackers
    One babybel cheese with 4 no name crackers
    2 turkey pepperoni sticks (or one, plus a cheese listed above
    A couple of slices of deli meat
    A yogurt ( last resort for me...doesn't stick that long )

  3. String cheese is my go to snack for work, any preportioned cheese really. I like baby bell and at my Costco I can get Irish cheddar in single portions. Zone bars, Greek yogurt are good too.
    You can do it with some planning.

  4. I dont have time for breakfast or anything except for a mini cafe au lait in the morning. So I keep Wasa light crackers and have one or two about 10am - or cheese and cold cuts. I found turkey pepperoni sticks but the ones I find here in Paris are really high in fat. xxxx

  5. Cheese roll ups with deli meat. High protein and works pretty well. :)


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