Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ive been ravaged by TOM!!!

No not TOM Cruise (yuck) or TOM Jones (double yuck)... just that Time Of the Month...

Fill or no fill I have allowed myself to eat my body weight in chips and chocolate for the past 4 days...  All I want is red meat, potato chips and chocolate. Im afraid of the scale now. Disappointed in myself and can feel that self hate creeping in. WHY???? Why did I let myself give in - it was like I was possessed I was soooo hungry all the time - my tummy was grumbling and I wasn't even making it for 2 hours on most days. Is this normal? I have another fill appt. on May 17th and I clearly need it. Why can I get eggs down without PBing but chips and the chocolate are fine? This is my 1st TOM since I was able to eat solid food - will this happen all the time???? AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Please tell me NO!

Ive been reading some amazing blogs this weekend and seeing the great progress others have been making (NSV's and scale #'s) and I am fearful that this will not be the case with me. Im sure Ive gained after the crazed food binge that Ive just come off of and it took all my effort and focus to get on track with my food in the first place and now I feel derailed. Sometimes I think that food has a horrible hold on me.


  1. I think it's all a learning experience. The facts are that TOM may strike's all in how you choose to deal with it afterwards. Think of your body like your vehicle. If you're driving along cruising just fine but then your tire blows you get out and walk away and stop making the payments? Nope. You fix the tire. GEt back in. Keep driving. Move on. Right?

  2. Don't worry. We all have chocolate and chip-a-thons at TOM. Just forget it and move on. One day does not dictate how your journey will be. Do not regret...just move on.

  3. maybe you can try to figure out your emotions at the time and understand why you did it and correct the problem...I still find oreos are my downfall and its hard to have the willpower to resist them...I may have to ban them!

    1. Thanks for the advice - I can't even buy Oreo's but the chips were not here I bought them for the boys and ended up eating almost all of them myself. Until I am on a roll I will be banning all yummy food from my home. The kids like candy so they can still have treats that I won't even touch (yuck - candy).

      Im back on track today! xxoo all!


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