Thursday, 12 April 2012

First fill - oops sorry "ADJUSTMENT"...

adjustment |əˈjəstmənt|
a small alteration or movement made to achieve a desired fit, appearance, or result: I've made a few adjustments to my diet / only slight adjustments to the band are necessary.• the process of adapting or becoming used to a new situation: for many bandsters there may need to be a period of adjustment.
Well thats it in a nut shell...
Today I had my first adjustment with Tammy - not Sue - who I was suppose to see - which bugs me since I asked for Sue.... anyways...
I had spoken to Sue (Sue, Tammy & Debbie are the fill nurses) on Tuesday and told her about being stuck and she gave me some tips - called it 1st bite syndrome (its funny how everything is a 'syndrome' now) anyways... after we spoke I felt good about going in for my 'adjustment' since she said really smart things like... "dont worry we know where the Dr puts the port" and "stress makes you tighter" etc...
So I arrive today after not eating or drinking anything for 1 hour before the appointment...

Here I am arriving with my blue car in the background.
I go in ask for Sue and then Tammy comes out. She takes me into a room and we talk about how Im feeling and what I am eating and I retold the stuck story and then she says "well I really don't think that you need a fill" WTF!!!! Im starving ALL the time and I even tried to eat the ham after the Easter thing and it still did not want to go down - so it was ham not the band. I was shocked!!!!! Ok I said - then I explained to her that other than the Easter ham I have been eating everything and that I am still hungry before my 4hr mark. She gave me a little lecture about how Im learning to eat with the band and that there is already 4cc's in it and maybe I should learn a bit more before my fill...
Ok - I drive all this way (1 hour one way) and Im getting nothing - we talked some more, she told me that I should maybe not eat with my family if it is stressful and eat alone and then join them as stress tightens your port and then after I told her about my terrible stress she finally gave in and added a tiny little bit....
She got the needle ready...see below

Which was way smaller than I remember at the consultation... She found my port fast and she removed all the fluid from my band to make sure I still had what they put in me and added.....

She claims thats alot and then she gave me water to drink and I burped about 10 seconds later and she started freaking out that she shouldn't have given me the 0.3cc's but she did not ask to remove it. She was fast and gentle although a bit cold and she did find my port and when she took the needle out she had to yank a bit so I knew it was stuck in something - I hope it was the right spot ???? 
See the spot below... Its they tiny dot to the bottom right of my scars.

So the first time was a good experience and Im eating fine - not stuck on anything. Head hunger is still in my face but no amount of saline in my band can fix that.
I hope it keeps me fuller and the scale starts showing some smaller #'s. 
I was down .4lbs since my surgery day so I hope in the weeks to come I will have this eating thing nailed and the lbs will be dropping off.
Ok Im off to bed now...
Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!!!!!


  1. How unprofessional to freak out in front of you and what a stroppy moo not listening to you. It's crazy how people without bands who work with them still don't always get it. Stick with it. Make a plan for another fill 'adjustment' and if in doubt, cry. :oD They can't fob you off if you get all emotional on them.

  2. At the SWLC .3 of a cc IS a big fill! I usually get .1 of a cc. It was explained to me by Sue that they used to be more aggressive with fills, but being too tight was resulting in a lot of women stretching their pouches, and once that happens, no amount of fill will help with hunger. I live in fear.

    Head hunger (which I'm totally struggling with now as well, oh my god!!) is our worst enemy. Seriously.

    If you're around today, give me a call...I'm just getting ready for opening night! Ahhhh! But I'm leaving here around 4:00. I miss you!

  3. Outside of my first fill, I've never gotten one bigger than .5 before so it's not so small. Hope this gets you to the "green zone." :)

  4. Well I get 0.1cc. And after my first fill I needed a defilll (their term for an unfill). After more than two years I actually believe they know what they are doing at SWLC. I did have my doubts that I knew more but being too aggressive set me back months. I'm not so cocky anymore. I m only at about 4.4cc right now. Fill coming up the first of May. Hopefully the hunger monster will calm down.


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