Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ordered my shakes today

I ordered my shakes today - I have been procrastinating on that one for a while. I asked my hubby if it was OK to go ahead and take out (gulp) $15,000.00 from our line of credit for the surgery and to make sure that he still thought I was worth that kind of cash???
He still said yes - silly beautiful hubby!

Next on the list is to celebrate my 40th birthday on Wednesday with the dinner to end all dinners. I haven't looked at the scale but I can feel I'm up. This food funeral is actually making me not want to eat. It really is too much food - WOW did I just say that? Im sure by day 4 of my pre op my kids will be hiding from me cause Ill want to eat them - LOL!!!

Tomorrow Im doing my Dr's exam and pre op blood work - BTW - I hate needles. I hope I don't forget that Im fasting and drink something in the am.

Ok thats it for now nothing exciting - kinda like Madonna at the Super Bowl.

Till later



  1. How exciting! Good for you its getting close you must be excited!

  2. I'm excited for you!! Have a wonderful birthday, and then just focus on getting through the liquid diet. Keep your eye on the scale...watching that number drop daily is a really good way to cope with the torture that is the diet. Did you manage to find any of the Torani sugar free syrups? They really do make the shakes much more bearable!

    Good luck and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. Happy 40th Birthday!! It will be amazing to be healthy and fit in your 40's!! :)

  4. Happy birthday for tomorrow :o) and I think that is the main point if the food funeral. You actually get sick of the food and the can handle the liquid diet for the time that you need too!


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