Thursday, 23 February 2012

The night of hell!!!!

Ok - I went into junkie mode last night. The headache got worse - tylenol doesn't work for me.
I started throwing up the mushroom concoction at 7pm and the chocolate shake at 7:45pm. Had the cold sweat/hot flash shivers and to make sure everything was out I threw up one more time at 3am.

The headache was the worst I've ever had in my life - I started thinking I had a brain aneurysm or a stroke - I wanted to die. By 3:30 I gave in a took an Advil liquid gel and went to sleep.

What the hell was that ????????

24 hr flu?
Allergic reaction?
Bad mushroom?
Food junkie withdrawal?

At 11:00am they called from the clinic saying they have never heard of this... to go ahead and try another shake - I did have a cracker this am to get the barfy feeling out of my body. (I did check the fat and carbs and told the clinic) it was a yummy cracker.

So here I go Day 2 - chocolate shake #1 and maybe some hot tea later.

Im only allowed 3 - 12oz shakes a day and 225 calories of veggies. Which I will not get in today.

Now the up side - Im soooo NOT HUNGRY after the night from hell. Maybe my body is helping me along with this pre op thing making me violently ill so I can just sleep through the 2 weeks or at least the first few days.

I'll keep you all posted.


  1. Angel, that sounds like sickness. Ew...poor you! Feel better!

  2. Sounds like a virus, my son had the same thing last week with the most awful headache in the world, he was so sick, but only lasted about 6 hours, thank goodness! Hope you feel better soon and be thankful you don't have a band yet, bad to puke like that with the band.

  3. So sorry you are having a tough time of it.
    I honestly, do not get the point of the pre-op diets. A day or two, okay- two weeks? Why? Did they say your liver was enlarger or something?
    It will be easier after the surgery- you should not be hungry for at least a week or so.

  4. I'm pretty sure it was either some food poisoning (from the mushrooms) or a bit of flu. The only side effect I had from the shakes was the runs. Sometimes it went right through. I started to think I should mix it up and just pour it in the toilet to save myself from having to run so fast. Hope the next few days goes well. I cheated a bit and used some olive oil, salt and pepper to roast a bunch of low carb veges. I was so tired of the sweetness of the shakes. You didn't give up coffee did you-that could have been why the headache, but then sugar withdrawal can be really nasty. Hope you feel better today.

    One more thing. Could you turn of your word verification. I can't believe they are so weird now. And hard to type in.


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