Tuesday, 7 February 2012

One more month

OMG - 1 month today - Wednesday March 7th @ 9:20 or 10:40am (if I cant get a sitter for the am)

All my forms are in. Im holding onto my money until the last minute so I can avoid interest for a little longer.

I just read Lisa's Blog and I must say Im a bit worried cause I barf on any pain medication.

Wisdom teeth + Codeine = Barf
Sinus Infection gone bad + Demerol = Barf
and my favorite - even after I told them NO Drugs...
Tonsils + Morphine = Barf and ripping open sutures and 3 other surgeries to repair bleeding tonsils that were ripped open by barfing - Thanks fake ENT Dr. making more $ for doing more surgeries.

I keep telling them its an allergy with the vomiting and a rash but no one believes me since my family Dr. doesn't consider vomiting an allergy - so now my surgeon has to find a pain med that will NOT make me throw up other than regular tylenol but because thankfully he is NOT STUPID like tonsil guy he is looking into it. I have pre warned my husband to make sure they know and to remind them if they look tired or confused.

Im getting prepared and a bit nervous - maybe panic is a better word for it.. maybe pre panic YES PRE PANIC - Not quite freaking out sweating but heart rate is up when I think of what Im about to do plus the screaming in my head is a pre panic move. Maybe its the fat me trying to be heard.

Ok I promised not to think about the band until pre op starts but I dont think I can wait that long.

Until later



  1. I disagree with Gilly. I think every person is different on who can tolerate what. And I don't think they should tell you WON'T NEED pain meds. I DID. I know some people who had awful pain from being banded and others who haven't. In fact, I felt like a wimp because I was the one who had pain. Now it wasn't life or death pain but it hurt enough! I hope you DON'T have any. Demerol is what got me sick 3 times in the hospital. Loratab is MUCH easier on my stomach so not sure if you can handle that?? Don't freak out tho. It was 4 days of hell in the grand scheme of things FOR ME. By day 4 I was SO much better. I didn't want to scare you.. I was just blogging MY experience. I don't think someone can tell you that you won't have pain. I want you to be guarded and prepared incase you do. I have 5 incisions so it was like being stabbed 5 times and then a bionic piece inplanted LOL Today I am much much better!!! XOXOX

  2. I'm frankly all for freakin' out....get it out of your system! It's a scary thing (this is coming from someone who is not yet on the other side). I think we're told way too often to not feel what we are feeling and that's one of the reasons we got to this place!

    As for pain...pain can sometimes impeded the healing process, if you don't have to feel it you shouldn't have to (I'm talking pain, not discomfort). You need to be up and walking right away to prevent blood clots and to get your intestines 'waking up'. When you are in pain this is difficult. Gas medications can help with pain, because sometimes the pain problem is that they fill your body 'cavity' up with gas to maneuver and see better and that can push against the frenetic nerve. Getting rid of that gas as soon as possible is good.
    This won't help with incision pain though.
    I've seen a combo of Benedryl and Phenegran (anti nausea) work well. It's not as potent of a pain med and makes you sleepy (but then so do pain meds...:D). Another option might be a pain med with an anti nausea med...have they tried that? Do you still react?
    Anyhow I think it's okay to feel what your are feeling! Everyone is going to have an opinion on pain so know that your own experience is yours and it's okay whatever it is!
    oh and nausea and vomiting can be an allergic reaction..you should see my son wit peanuts....not a nice doc to discount your reaction.

  3. phrenetic nerve, not frenetic...I suck as a nurse :D okay maybe not I just suck as a speller.

  4. my doc is giving me a patch for nausea to put on the night before surgery and loratab for when I get home, but I am not usually sick after any surgery. I imagine we are going to go thru quite an emotional ride until we are banded! Now that I am on preop I feel very emotional not sure if it is lack of food, so close to surgery, no caffeine or what but i feel like TOM is here... LOL just try to imagine a skinny you.

  5. Definitely have some pain meds on hand. I only needed the stronger stuff for a couple days but it really helped me stay comfortable. I, like you, vomit on EVERYTHING but they gave me some antinausea meds that took care of it.

  6. I was given pain meds in the hospital. I, like you, vomit on them. The gave me anti-nausea pills that helped some. I chose to just take OTC pain meds and tough it out rather then throw up once I was home. But everyone is different, if the can give you something to help you tolerate the pain meds, great.
    The first week is not a bed of roses, it sucks. But, like child-birth, it becomes a distant memory pretty quick.

  7. Just have anti nausea meds available.

  8. Hiya - new follower.
    I wouldn't have made it through post-op without a heating pad. doesn't cut all the pain but at least it won't make you puke


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