Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Ok I want to say thanks to all who read the last blog and have now returned to read more - you are very brave :P


I am now focused and ready - I am getting ready for my life with the band - starting with a trip to the US to go grocery shopping for food I can eat with the band or anything to make my life more flavourful with my band.

I am ready to shop until I drop and have a cooler in my car.

Please send me your favourite items or any must haves for all the stages.

Thanks for helping me with my list.



  1. I would absolutely say
    0% Fage Greek Yogurt
    FF Refried Beans (sev cans)
    Good Creamy Soups
    Propel Zero
    Crystal Lite!!!
    Protein Powders

    Not sure what you can't get at home so hard to help with your list.

  2. Definately fat free yoghurt (think Fage we call Total 0%) we also have activia 0% comes in yummy flavours.

    Orange squash,
    Blackcurrent squash

    Skinny hot chocolate powder (I use Cadbury's highlights 40 Kcal a cup)

    I prefer easy homemade soups as they taste nicer and have way more nutrients so would load up on fresh veggies you love and cheap cuts of meat. I can help with recipes if you need. Have you got a slow cooker? and a really big stock pot? You can make tons and freeze it.

  3. I have a slow cooker and a big pot. I just bought the best hand blender so I can make soups. I just got a ton of cookbooks for banding and bypass people.

    I will buy anything fresh here at home but am looking for product that we may not have - you'd be amazed how many we dont have here that are diet/ sugar free etc.

    I will take all suggestions and weed out what I can get here.

    Thanks everyone!


  4. For mushies, I loved refried beans and cottage cheese w/marinara. Mmmmmm....

  5. Some things are so much cheaper here in the states than Canada. I would suggest instant potatoes, sf pudding, sf jello, sf hot chocolate, gas x strips, liquid tylenol, protein powder, protein bars, cystal light(the to go packets are awesome to keep in your purse for emergencies) benefiber(to add to shakes for regularity)
    heating pad, instant milk to add to soups to make creamier, PB2 its like a dry peanut butter less calories great to mix in stuff. Chick peas...so you can make up some hummus(I like making my own)


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