Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Doctor doesn't know ME!!!

So I DONT have sleep apnea - I told them... nope it's those happy pills you're giving me - no, no, no! You are obese its VERY dangerous this tired feeling must be apnea, you should go be tortured with a sleep study... what ever makes you happy...  you will need one for your surgery (I don't) and Im sure its not the pills they have the opposite effect - Well I know me and a Motrin makes me loopy so why wouldnt the pills - you'll feel better knowing.

OK I went for the study aka 'a night of torment' and I would rather give birth again to a 9lb. baby with no drugs that be poked and attached to the sleep study wires, be in a clinic with several strange strangers, try to sleep in a bed that who knows has slept in before me and be watched while I sleep by people who I've just met met.

So I got the call yesterday and guess what "maybe you're right it might be the pills I put you on." WOW thats an amazing thought that I might know myself better than you do - huh??? who would have thought that I was right about me?

In general I like my doctor maybe she was having an off day or 6 when I got into this with her. She's become more and more careful as my weight has gone up and up and really I do know my body best.


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog :-) very thorough and detailed. Me likey! :-)

  2. I am su some doctors get an idea in their heads and then will do anything so that they are not proven wrong :o) good luck with the next step in this saga!!


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