Sunday, 11 December 2011


Yup - my period runs like a German commuter train - So that being said I will have my period the day after my surgery.

Ok - how did I - Ms. Type A overlook this???? Maybe I should use more sick time and get the date sooner than later???

I bit the bullet and told my boss anyway - I have to go through her for all time off and I thought that would be best - I asked her not to tell anyone but Im sure others know.

My sisters dont know - everytime I thing NOW I will tell them I feel ill so I don't - its a complicated relationship anyway... LOOOOONG story and a very different blog!

So back to my time of the month - I hate HATE nothing more than my monthly visitor - I would stay fat another year if my period would go away forever!!! Maybe that's why that TV lady has 20 kids - so she never has her period???

I am a mental case every month and cannot deal with regular life but after surgery - that will be ugly! Maybe I should go on the pill for 2 months to make sure I don't get it at all? (it worked for my wedding...)

I dont see anything more important than the surgery now - I wish I could have it right now but I have to turn 40 with my ladies and then start the new decade with me - 40 year old wiser banded me!

I have been reading blogs from the start reading about the pre op diet - not happy about that but again better than my period!

Ive been reading about the shoulder pain, the port pain and the fill pain. All pain I hope to handle to also be able to celebrate like you - the Onederland - the100lbs. lost - 110 lost - 120 lost - god if I go with my BMI chart I need to be down to 140lbs at the high end - thats 137lbs. - That seems so far away....

Anyway - you all amaze me! I am honoured to me here with such strong and amazing people - thanks for sharing your stories... any advice would be helpful - any tips on the period thing would also help.



  1. Welcome to the club!!! Good luck! Just remember, determination is key! (and unfortunately, so is exercise!)

  2. Dr. Cobourn was my surgeon too. Gilly sent us.


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