Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ok...here we go!

Ok - this is my first time blogging... but I've been inspired. I thought that this may give me a way to track my journey before and after my band and share with others and have others share with me.

I live in Ontario, Canada. I have been researching off and on for about 9 years now. But never had the money or could justify spending so much on ME - plus I was scared of the surgery - still am - but I fear a heart attack more.

I weigh 277 lbs. today and am 5'3''. I haven't played with my kids for about 5 years now because of my weight - my youngest is 7 - so he doesn't EVER remember me playing... I really don't do much anymore unless I have to. I have decided that this has been enough of my life wasted. I will be turning 40 in February and I think I have spent enough time away from me and I would really like to have memories with my family that do not include me sitting on a bench because Im to tired to walk any further. I have made my decision to go with SWLC in Mississauga Ontario - Dr. Cobourn, I have paid my deposit and have 91 days until my surgery date - March 7, 2012.

I told someone today that I have spent most of my life 'on a team by myself' and she told me that I will find the rest of my team here... maybe thats all that I needed to find myself again???

I will post before photos soon.

Until Later,

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