Wednesday, 1 August 2012

OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!

Last night I was visited by the liposuction fairy. 

I love the liposuction fairy and she's a very busy gal but she took pity on me and came to me and sucked out 3lbs. so when I weighed in this morning here's what I saw...

Yup 254.4 thats 4.4 lbs down from last week.... WOOO HOO!!!! Thank you Liposuction Fairy!

I really hate that my happiness is still so connected to the numbers on the scale but I was so shocked but I was smiling... it's a hard habit to break being so effected by the numbers on the scale but at least my self worth is no longer attached to them so I guess cutting one cord at a time is a start.

So YEAH for ME!!!! and YEAH for all of YOU too!!!! Happy Day!!!


  1. Awesome loss!! And if by the lipo fairy you mean you, working hard to get the weight off, then what a fab visit! Love x

  2. Awesome awesome awesome loss!!!

  3. good for you!!!!! that is AWESOME!!

  4. Haha, what Mari said! :)

    Great loss.

  5. Great loss. Well done you. xx

  6. That's awesome...congrats!!


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