Thursday, 2 August 2012

dix choses jeudi a.k.a. 10 things Thursday

1. I bough a bento box when I was in Boston - its small and lovely here it is... the only downside is that the sauce container leaks if its not upright.

without food
with food
2. Im so unhappy with my job - even though as jobs go its really great and flexible but I am where I am going to be FOREVER. They ask for me to help on a project and then say ok let blah blah know the details and she'll/he'll take it from here. Why should I work for blah blah to get credit cause the 'she' blah blah is a cow and a twit - I really want her to hang herself... but my boss just ignores her mistakes because my boss has decided that blah blah poops lollypops and rainbows and I am not able to be anything more than what I am. I really think its because Im fat... I didn't before but now the way she asks questions all the time about my weight loss and how she talks about her needing to be on a diet (she's 5'9, 156lbs and 63 years old) Yeah I think she has weight issues...

3. Me & Gilly last month - I forgot to post this. She does have wonderful hair especially next to my Gene Simmons toupee ...

4. I painted my toes blue at the crazy cheap Korean lady nail place today.... $10  

5. I keep losing sites from my reading list on blogger... is there a limit? why do the disappear? BOOBS is one of them and something something something fat chick... WTF? I keep adding them and it doesn't seem to stay????? Any ideas super techie bloggers?

6. I bought a super cool game today... follow this link to check it out...

7. I was thinking of something super funny for todays blog last night but when I woke up I couldn't remember what it was. I should have written it and saved it... my mind is going...

8. I have Duran Duran tickets to see them on September 1st at a Casino about 2 hours North of where Im at. I don't know if Im looking forward to it or if Im dreading it...I hate running into people from ages ago even though my life is great I don't look like I wish I did when I run into them. Im hoping the real bitches will look like crap too... fingers crossed x

9. Big kid is away at camp and usually little kid and I would hang out and it would be nice and peaceful. But little kid is making me nuts... is there a crazy 8's??? It would be kinda like the terrible 2's but more of an a**hole and not as cute while doing it???

10/Dix/Ten.. I will end this with a treat for you... my Coconut Mojito recipe...

3-4 fresh mint leaves
simple syrup - to taste (this is boiled down sugar water)
1/2 a lime - sliced
coconut rum - to taste
- muddle all this together - really crush up the mint and lime
add soda water and lots of ice... swirl clockwise with a stick of sugar cane or your finger and chant before you drink "I'm not worthy"

so YUM (please note: this does NOT promote weight loss but gets you drunk before you know it - don't drink and drive people)
Happy Thursday!!!!


  1. i so want one of those Bento boxes! i feel it is the key to my weightloss. no not really but i really want one. LOL!

  2. Bento boxes look so fun - I think I need one!

  3. I love the idea of Bento boxes but have never tried one. That mojito recipe looks freakin' awesome!

  4. Love the bento box...really want to try the mojito recipe---LOVE YOUR BLOGGING LATELY!!! You will get there Sophie!!!

  5. wow, the mojito recipe looks great! AND I just had my toenails done in blue TOO!

  6. Love the pic of you and Gilly!

  7. I actually just bought a Bento box last week after realizing they would be the perfect band portion :)


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