Monday, 20 August 2012

M.I.A. Blogger Found Alive & Better Than Ever!

Hi Bloggies!!!

**** WARNING**** This is a long read ****

I have been MIA with alot going on here so I think the best way to give you the lowdown on life is in point form...

Well the last time I blogged I was in period hell and being beaten by my hormones. I have decided that I actually do need help in the form of a tiny little pill. I hate taking drugs even vitamins but I after months and years of this roller coaster ride I think I have finally tweaked my dose so Im able to function as a person and also take the hormonal beating. Only time will tell.

Me and my tween dont get along - he says black - I say grey - its never ending - we are alot alike - I can see that - I love him - after all he's my baby and I do love him but sometime I don't. I can actually feel my band tighten when he walks into a room and I cannot eat with him around - I will be 100% stuck. Is everyone eating at a big family table and not feeling stressed? Are you eating away from your families now that you are banded? Any advice? What are others doing?

I have been motivated by my boobmie Jenn - we are now texting and I think its fab to have someone there just to check in on you. Someone who knows that you have a band and that you dont have to explain to over and over again why you cant eat a bagel. Thanks for being there you are awesome and I am grateful.

I bought a BOOBS Coach wristlet to take with me around town. It was $40 so Im calling it my 240's motivational purse - I refuse to allow myself to even take it out of the wrapping until I get out of my 250's. Come on 240's

I have been moving - only a little everyday but something. I have plantar faciatis. Which for me - basically feels like I am walking on thick shards of glass all the time. I have had it for so long I have pain and numbness and spasms all the time - I am hoping once I pass 225 it will make a huge difference - thats the weight I was when they 1st started hurting.

I stubbed my big toe on Saturday night and cracked my entire nail in half and ripped off a piece - it is grossing me out just writing this - anyway - now Im scared to go in the pool - I will try tomorrow and wrap it up water tight.

HUGE NSV - I picked up the stupid green highlighter under my desk that has been there since I started my job!!! It wasnt as graceful as I pictured but I was able to bend enough to get under my desk and back out. WOOOO HOOOO!!!!

Another NSV... my underwear fell down - not because the elastic was shot but I have lost some weight that the fat rolls are not holding it up as they used to - I was unfortunately eating Ice Cream when it happened but either way things are looser.

Im feeling up this week and hope to be down in the BOOBS challenge this week.

I am still weighing myself everyday - I can see how it would screw with your head but I can also see where it makes you very aware of what your body is actually doing.

My boss went on holiday and has been in a good mood - work is super busy and she doesnt have time to notice me which I like - it makes my job really great when Im not in the middle of things and have to hear to how awesome the useless girl is.

I have hidden all the back to school food in the trunk of my husbands car - they dont even know I bought loads of pudding cups, granola bars, dunkaroos etc. I so hate getting that crap for them but they always tell me how the "normal" kids have junk food and Im always worried that my problems with food is making me a nazi when it comes to their food choices. So I try to let them have what the other kids are having. But I think because I deprive them they want it more and go crazy when its around so I have to hide it. Nice way to screw up my kids relationship with food eh?

That is all I think you're up to speed - life I going forward whether I like it or not. I am on the right road now all I have to do is keep walking.

Until later



  1. I feel you on the plantar faciitis! I have/had it, too. I got it from wearing the flip flops and sandals with barely a sole. I stopped wearing them for about 6 months. Wore mostly my cross trainers and some sandals with cushion and a tiny heel and slowly it went away. Now I'm left with a bone spur because of it. So, I wear flip flops some, but make sure the heel is always cushioned. Hope this sure is great not to feel that pain.

    1. Im in Birks always - I have an indoor and outdoor pair - heels kill me.

  2. I admit...I've passed on some of my food nazi stuff to my kids. They get NO junk food in their lunches. Hubby gives them a little piece of chocolate every Friday if they've gotten good behavior reports every day that week. That's it. I've told them that the other kids may have poptarts every morning and cupcakes every lunch but that's just because their parents don't know any better. They seem to accept this for now. LOL.

  3. man I am dreading the teenage years...I just remember how terrible I was! You know I feel guilt with not having junkfood around so I let them (hubby and johnny each have one item a week and that is it. For hubby its oreos. Johnny its ice cream. Other than that I have limited it to fruit as the treat. Even after dinner we have fruit as desert..they do it in europe and its been working out pretty good. I do fun things with it. I made parfaits using fruit and fat free cool whip. I do cold watermellon with salt..johnny and mines favorite and just try to be creative with it. I just introduced johnny to smoothies to try to get him off the ice cream treat at night(they only get there treat once a day) and he loves it! Next week no ice cream. I really want the whole family to eat healthier its better for us all. Now I admit I have it easier because its easier to train a 5 year old than a teen ager. Good luck Sophie---hugs girl!

  4. I'm having similar issues with my daughter because of wedding plans. But at least I don't live with her. I'm letting the fiancé deal with her mood swings. Glad you got that marker. Now tell me, do they not vacuum under your desk, like ever. I once left for a year in another building and when I came back, not even the paper clips had been moved and the floor was one dusty mess. But a cool NSV anyway!

    1. I work in the Town Hall building sometimes they don't even empty our garbage.

  5. I'm the same way with my kids' food... I bought them snack packs and now I'm hoarding them. Same with the fruit by the foots. Oy.

  6. OK - Congrats on being the biggest loser in the Challenge this week! YAY!!!

    Now: I need to know more about this "Boobs" coach wristlet.
    And, I have always stuggled with eating at the table with my family, since being banded. No idea why, it's not stress from them being around, it's more like they eat normally (fast) and I have to eat slowly. I need to pause between bites, concentrate on chewing, and they don't have to do. So it ends up being super annoying when they are done eating in about 3 minutes and I'm only 5 bites in. I hardly ever eat with them anymore, it's terrible but I just eat in the living room only about 10 feet from them and I can still conversate, but it's much more casual and I don't get stuck anymore.

    1. I always get stuck from the 1st bite and when they're around I am not always as careful as I should be. But Im sure they add stress.

  7. Yay for underwear falling down! :) Get some new cutie patootie new ones. WOOT WOOT!


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