Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Challenging Challenges!

This was the state of my kitchen a few hours ago. I have been participating in the BOOBS Challenge and Ive not had a good weekend. I know so many people who just go for it someone challenges them and they go into a phone booth and come out a super hero. I do not!

I like to be a part of stuff and I like to have a goal but Im a last minuter... come September I'll be losing like a mad woman but now Im just happy to show any loss at all.

Now all this is weird because in every other aspect of my life I am super competitive. Any non 'me' thing I will rule and kick ass. I would be they guy on survivor stealing the other team's stuff.

Drazil sent out some challenges for the weekend and I did not do them until today... This is why my kitchen looks like this. I felt bad that I didn't do them because I wanted to be again I didn't put me 1st so I left my nightmare of a kitchen and I did 50 sit-up & 50 jumping jacks and some other stuff but it was in the pool and I really wanted to challenge myself and give up the sugar for one day but I did not.

So after coming in from the pool the crazy mess of a kitchen (which btw produced banana bread, homemade meatballs, sauce, pancakes, and spaghetti) was still waiting for me and I was able to still clean it before hubby got home.

I just haven't been able to get in that mind frame - I don't know where it went or if Im to tired to look for it or what.? MOTIVATION or the ability to push past the way I feel just isn't there.

I was looking at past blog posts where I set goals and I did some but didn't do the others.

Today I tracked where my weight should be based on my original plan of losing 1 lb. per week with my band - I was planning to be almost at onederland by my 1 year anniversary. Im like 7lbs behind. - it made me sad but it didn't set off a spark.

My husband would lose his shit if the band that we used our life savings to pay for did not do what he Im sure is dreaming that it will do.

Ive got to say Im a bit shocked really that Im not further along. Doing this challenge has really opened my eyes to this journey and what is still going into my mouth. I am positive that I am eating alot less than before but maybe it just seems that way???

I have also been weighing myself every day. I hope this will help. We will see if I show some sort of loss tomorrow and then I get to start fresh for week 3 maybe something will light my fire... LOL Maybe I should read 50 shades of Grey?

Oh I almost forgot why I posted the crazy photo of my kitchen...


  1. oooh, that's one of my fears that I don't lose the weight and we wasted all that money since we were self pay too....

  2. I feel like I JUST got my head in this challenge. I love that tomorrow is weigh in and it's a new week AND a new month. I feel like I can finally start now...

  3. just keep on keepin' on...I have a feeling I might show a gain tomorrow from being sick, but in the end, it's up to me to change it. I've gotta fit into my Inspiration Dress for BOOBs.

  4. We told you before and we will tell you again, you can do this. You will do this. 7 lbs behind is nothing since you've been away too!!!! You have a real life to contend with and this weight loss is a marathon not a sprint. One step at a time.

  5. all I can say is pick yourself up and try again. Really try to quit snacking(too many hidden calories) and you got to add some exercise in the mix...just start walking everyday. I am behind too but I keep trying to focus on the fact that I would not be here without the band..any loss is better than the gain I probably would be experiencing---I suck at the challenges...haven't succeeded at one yet!

  6. I should be at goal by now. I don't like that word "should." I COULD'VE been at goal today but I CHOSE not to. By slacking on my exercise and eating more crap than is occasionally warranted, I have CHOSEN not to use my band to its full potential. That stops today. Yes?


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