Friday, 31 August 2012

Ive fallen and I cant get up....

No this isnt a depressing post about not being one with my band... I actually fell and now I am hobbling around like an old lady.

Brief recap.. went to Toronto to get my hair cut which looks good but short and no longer like Gene Simmons toupee. When in Toronto I went to the fish market - you know to get fish. I live in a small town where you can get sole and salmon and your basic fish - I like adventure so I try new fishy recipes all the time so anyways... Im at the market and we are (me and my oldest) going up the concrete stairs when I fall UP the stairs - I put my hands in front of me so I dont smash all my teeth and kinda slide on the landing in front of me while people walk down the stairs... I as a fat lady quickly get up so I dont draw anymore attention to my self... and hobble away. BTW only the guy I almost tripped down the stairs asked if I was OK... So away I went on my daily business got my fish told the kid I was ok etc. spent the day in the city and then drove home well I awoke to this....

Its the size of a cookie and completely swollen there is also a little bruise on my knee my arm hurts and also my nose which I dont get at all. So this is Wednesday...

On Thursday at about 3am I wake up sweating and my throat is hurting and I feel like crap... By the time I actually wake up I have lost my voice and have to go to a meeting at my kids school to meet everyone who helps him get through the year...

OH did I mention my eye is also crusted shut.. yes gross weepy eye to go along with no voice.

Today I have been hacking for about 3 hours now with no end in site - cough meds are NOT working - and I am officially sick for the start of the long weekend.

ON the UPSIDE - you know its because of all of you that i can even see an UPSIDE xxoo...

I have lost 2 lbs. now if this continues I will have my purse for BOOBS and kick ass in the challenge...

So on that happy note Im off to make Greek mountain tea with a bit of butter in it (Really butter - this is what my mom used to make me when I had a cough as a child - wonder how I got fat?? LOL) and go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and disturb my neighbours with my gross hacking...

Have a great weekend everyone....

p.s. please send good thoughts my way so my kids dont get sick and have to stay home longer - I am so ready for everyone to go back to school.


  1. Ugh...Hope you feel better soon!

  2. yikes! that must of hurt you poor thing! You deserve a you have been thrown one curve ball after another! Love that you are still losing--you got this! PS-hope you feel better soon!

  3. OW OW OW! I hope you get to take it easy and heal up - falling is always a shock to the entire system (and mortifying to boot) - hope you feel better soon!

  4. Ouch! Hope it heals quick!
    Congrats on the loss!

  5. Oh my, I'm so sorry! Hope you feel better soon!!

  6. god, woman, you're a trainwreck! Rest up and hoping you're healed soon!

  7. Oh man, hurt and sick..that's a double whammy I wouldn't wish on anybody! Feel better soon. My mom used to douse my tea with rum when I was sick, so glad I didn't turn into an alcoholic (although my sister did).

  8. Oh no! Hope you get to feeling better soon, hon.

  9. Hey Sofie!

    I'm just reading over your blog to get to know you better before Chicago!

    I sure hope you are feeling better.


  10. just joined your new blog!!!! shhhhh its secret!


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