Sunday, 22 July 2012

BOOBS CHALLENGE!!! Ready... Set... GO!!!!!

Ok - here I am officially beginning on Day 66...

The scales are not kind to me and I have GAINED ALOT on holiday...

Here is my OFFICIAL Weigh In...
It reads 260.8 lbs. :( almost pre surgery weight

and my official start photo
trying to get a little witchy help...

Will be looking forward to this weeks personal trainer comment until then Ive got my water!


  1. what's that floating in your water? Oranges? Strawberries? yum

  2. But what would you have gained on holiday pre-band? I did about 15lbs worth of damage in Disney last year. It will be interesting to compare to the damage I do this year. Still the only way is down now. xx

  3. good luck! I suck at these challenges!


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