Friday, 6 July 2012

I must do a 'Friday Letter'

Dear Crazy Stocker Lady 3 houses down... Why are there pictures of my swim spa being delivered on your Facebook? I didn't even see you outside...were you hiding in your mini cooper? I don't want to be your facebook friend and putting creepy stocker photos of MY Business on your page will not make me go there. I don't even enjoy our 2 minute sidewalk conversations at the mailbox and don't think I don't see your husband making your dog pee on my neighbours lawn every chance he gets.

Dear Passive aggressive retired teacher boss that receives a BIG pension and is stupid wealthy.... You NEED to RETIRE!!! for real this time. I am starting to hate you. I hate that you can have your friends daughter work for us, and your son 'help out' and your husband company make all our office furniture but I can't ask for good seating for my son's school because that is 'favouritism'. WTF? I hate that either you are suffering from Alzheimer's or just batsh*t crazy and you ask me to do something and when I start the ball rolling you always want to hand it to someone else to finish and give them the credit - FU%$ YOU!!!!!! I hate that you think that rainbows come out of that incompetent girls ass cause she's your friend daughter. And all in all I hate your lack of leadership skills and lack of any backbone whatsoever! Time to take your huge pension, your hubbies millions and your crazy self out of the work force and give your job to someone who knows how to use the Internet and needs the money.

Dear in laws... Please make your visit fast and painless. Please don't ask me 1,000,000 questions about my band or stare at me when I eat or make comments if I eat a chip or chocolate because my band IS NOT MAGIC and I am sure I will need either heroin or chocolate to deal with you for 3 days. 

Dear Swim Spa Installer... The statement "it will look the same as it did before" means that MY HOME WILL LOOK THE SAME AS IT DID BEFORE but with the addition of a swim spa!!!!!! It looks like crap. It looks like gofers are living under my grass and have a pipeline to my neighbours. My once beautiful walkway that I share with my next-door neighbours whom I love was an oasis of plants, river rock and flagstone pavers but is full of SH*T potato rocks, dead plant and misshapen flagstones. You wrecked it now fix it!!!! 

Dear Erika... I miss you!

Dear Band... Im trying and will get into a consistent groove. I did not waste this money to fail. Im hard to train please give me time and be kind to my pouch.

Dear children that I wish went mine sometimes... PUT AWAY YOUR STUFF!!!! 

Dear Bloggers.... Thank you for reading this! Happy weekend!!!


  1. Dear Momee3021,
    It would appear neighbours are nosey, bosses are crazy, workmen are infuriating and children are messy in the same way all over the world. Thankfully so are blogging friends. xx
    PS Swim spa looks fantastic!

  2. Ha...Crazy stalker lady! Funny! Also, I am green over your swim spa...swimming is such a good workout (and I love to float, too!)

  3. When I had my pool put in the tore up my yard, had to cut down two trees (which they originally told me they wouldn't), and cut my phone line in the process.

  4. Ugh to the neighbor and the boss!! Yay for having swim thing installed but boo to the damage to the walkway! And I hear you on the seems all I do is clean up after other people in my house.


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