Friday, 20 July 2012

Im alive but still on Vacation...

Ok Im still here but have been on vacation for a week now - we left a day early and extended our stay a day. Boston & Salem are excellent and we are having fun - except for the vomit watching... I mean Whale Watching. July 19, 2012 at 8:30am - 1:00pm I took my last boat ride EVER in my entire life NEVER ever ever again!!!!! That was the worst ever experience of my life.

 I have started the very popular travel diet of Ice Cream  (there is a ton of ice cream shoppes here) and Clam chowder. Im sooo ready for my BOOBS challenge - LOL....

Here are 2 photos I took at the mall on Wednesday with various scales because I really wanted to get going with the rest of the gals in the challenge - but heres what I found...

Scale #1 @ Target = 268lbs = 12 lbs. weight gain since I left Canada

Scale # 2 @ Brookstone = 259.9lbs = 7lbs. weight gain since I left Canada - a bit more believable (like my walking all over Boston in crazy heat blister bandaids?)

Sooo I will be weighing in on Monday when I return home and weigh in on my own scale. Im very excited to be a part of this but Im not too happy to be starting out in the higher numbers and late in the game. 

So I will write more when I get home... Until then... Good Luck to my fellow BOOBS or Bust challengers - drink your water !!!!


  1. Have fun on your vacation - it's on when you get home! ;o)

  2. haha...I love your multiple scales! LOL. Must be driving you crazy while traveling not to have the same scale!


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