Saturday, 19 May 2012

Can you feel it???

Can you feel it when you get your fill??? This is my question?

My 1st fill they took all the fluid out and then put it back in plus 0.3cc's - I totally felt that and after I felt a difference in my food intake.

On Thursday I went for my 2nd fill (another 0.3cc's = 4.6cc's total) but I didn't feel anything. Im still not feeling much of a difference in what I am able to eat or even in how hungry I am.

I know that my clinic is super conservative and I think I am happy about this after reading some other blogs. But I don't want to wait another 6 weeks to find my sweet spot... I want to be losing steady and not feeling hungry.

So what I want to know is...

When you get your fill - can you feel the fluid going in? How soon after do you feel a difference in your hunger? Do they ever miss your port? Are you girls south of my boarder getting every fill via ultrasound? How long did it take to find your sweet spot?

Any other advice would be appreciated.

Im finally pulling out of the pit life has thrown me in since February - maybe its like a bad initiation that you get when you turn 40?

I thought it was because of my band... But bathroom reno, pre-op, recovery, fridge breaking 2x, banister hell, dad having a stroke, dog barfing, food poisoning, kid getting beaten up and the insane work nightmare seem to be clearing  up.

So now again here I am focusing on my band - and trying to figure out where Im heading in this journey.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Glad to see we can post again! I always get my fills with the barium swallow - my surgeon won't do it any other way. It usually takes about 10 days for me to feel the fill kick in and it is gradual. It took me until my third fill to really feel it and I have since had a small unfill but am still in a pretty sweet spot (around 3.6ccs). But I also work 85 hours a week, am getting married in 3 months and have to move to London right after the wedding so my life is pretty intense and stressful and I think that really makes me tighter than most people. Hope that helps!! xxxx

  2. I've only had one fill (my first) with the X-ray. Some of them I can feel and some I can't. I think it depends how quickly the force the extra saline in.

  3. Well after my port was flipped my doc does an ultrasound to locate and finds it in 2sec does my fill...I am in and out in 30min. I kind feel my fill...not sure if it is in my head. I don't feel my fill until second day when I can eat food again. Then there is usually swelling for a couple of days and then an even out. I am 5.25cc in a 10cc band

  4. I've only done 2 fills with ultrasound and they were early on. No, I don't feel the fill at all...until I'm on solid food.


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