Thursday, 17 May 2012


1. Today I got my 2nd fill - another .03 cc's. Im certainly not in my sweet spot but Im getting there. I need to regroup and start from the beginning. I hope this gets me through the next 6 weeks.

2. I lost 6 lbs. since my last fill.

3. My work is crazy and my boss is passive aggressive and I only get paid for 15 hours but have been working 20 hours for the last few weeks - I asked for a day off to recoup from the 20 hour day that I will be doing on Thursday and she tore my head off and listed a whole bunch of people who have been working like crazy lately - funny that all these people who have been working the crazy hours don't have small children but I would be seen as being NOT a team player to point that out.

4. Im going to get back on fitness pal tomorrow and track my food.

5. I am very thankful for my band. I just wish I could get the hang of it already.

6. My kids are being really good lately - I hope it lasts.

7. This weekend is a long weekend here in Canada - Victoria Day on Monday - to celebrate a dead British Queen but hey we get the day off work. Many Canadians have renamed it May 2-4 because the weather is mild enough so people get their 2-4 of beer and go camping.

8. Im going to go see Duran Duran on September 1st at a casino in the middle of no where.

9. We are building a deck this weekend and my hot tub is on.

10. Im tired and going to bed now... Good Night Everyone!!!


  1. Ugh. I hate your boss and I've never even met her. Sounds a lot like my boss. Hang in there!

  2. your boss sucks! 6lbs is GREAT! I will be over to sit in hot tub next weekend!

  3. You just jinxed yourself by saying your kids have been well behaved. :)


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