Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Plastic Surgery for Thanksgiving???

This post is sooo not what you're thinking.... 

I got my band at a plastic surgery clinic. My Dr. is not a plastic surgery Dr but shares a practice with his. Today i went for my fill. It is the week before Canadian Thanksgiving and boy was the clinic packed... I have never seen so many inflated faces in my life. Like wow... they must explode eventually right??? And boy did I get the looks (I think their eyes are only part of them that can still move independently) & not it wasnt because of my stunningly flawless skin and born this way full lips but because I was a fat chick in a plastic surgery clinic? Total fat removal perhaps? I actually got a dirty look and had someone move to another chair when I sat next to her. I so wanted to give her the finger when she kept staring at me but then I would be the 'crazy' fat chick. But I did laugh when at one point there were more fat people in the room waiting for their fill than the ones waiting for their botox. That made dirty look lady really uncomfortable - how dare they cater to this class of people. I could practically hear it screaming out of her head. I wonder if she'll ever go back.??? 

Ok but back to my fill.. I really like this nurse but her fill is so painful. OMG Im bruised and wanting to scream the 2 times I had her. I think I'll go back to the quiet, gentle one. Plus I pretty well know where my port is and my other fills have been in that spot but she seems to prick me in a different spot? Did it move? Oh well I think I got a refill 0.2cc but maybe not? I guess only time will tell. I go back in a month and hope to see some good results. Im tired of going up and down on the same few pound... I will break my 230's and stay there. Next week I plan to start a new tracker and get back to blogging. 

See I told you... it was disappointing wasn't it? 


  1. That is hysterical! Poor woman, having to be in the same room as fat people. She was probably traumatized the rest of the day.

  2. thats too should have yelled "Boo" and scared her more! lol- good luck with the fill Sofie...missssss youuuuuu

  3. I'm with you on the up and down.. I'm getting a fill on Oct 16th, was supposed to be yesterday, but as usual around here, I couldn't get away to get it done..

    love that the plastic surgery center is the same as where you get your fills!! it's like a one stop shop!!

  4. People are stupid. One thing I hate is someone like that. Judgmental little ho-bag. OH well!

  5. I hate skinny bitches. That is all. :)

  6. Hey Speck recommended your blog to me.... Says we both love the F word! Love it. I'll be reading up .


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