Monday, 22 October 2012

Ok... lets try this again....

I have a plan - a crazy insane type of plan - it's soooo crazy that it just might work!!!

I am starting from the start...  from the start very start...

Starting weight: 284lb
Pre Op: Feb 22, 2012
Banded: March 7, 2012
Food Poisoning: Late March 2012
1st fill: April 12, 2012
1st super stuck episode: May 18th weekend - culprit - shrimp
Many stuck episodes in between due to food test or 1st bite syndrome
1 unfill in early stages as I get used to the band...
Bronchitis and heavy dose antibiotics: September 2012
Large 0.5cc unfill: September 2012
1st flight with band: Sept 27, 2012
Refill: 0.3cc: Oct 5, 2012

Ok present day: I have been super hungry since my unfill and refill (I am 100% sure she missed)
I have asked for a meeting with the Dr. (he's very busy only works on the exact same days that I work)
Im going in tomorrow for another fill. I plan to make an appointment to see the Dr in person at this time to talk about the "support" that they dont seem to have in place. My weight is up 256 lbs a 28lb loss NOT acceptable at this stage of the game... I want onederland...

If I have 0 restriction after this fill (with the same nurse that I have had all previous successful fills with) Then there is something wrong with my band - 100% no doubt in my mind - reflux or not.

If there is restriction then I will be happy and do a naked dance in my bathroom.

Either way will no change my eating plan that I have devised to jump start this weight loss and make me stop feeling like Ive thrown away all my money...

I plan to do the pre op diet for 3 days (no food - just shakes)... then do a modified pre op with protein for dinner for 4 days and then move on to my 1 cup serving NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!

It sounds a bit stupid but Ive got to start over now that I have more knowledge and can avaoid the stuck, pb'ing and emotional roller coaster this band is providing me.

I will post tomorrow and let you know if I am successful with my fill.


  1. The good news is, you know in the beginning you definitely had restriction. And Sofie, I know you aren't happy with the 28lbs, but that's a great accomplishment. That's almost like six five pounds of sugar! Just imagine you carrying 3 bags on each arm! That's a lot.

    I like the idea of liquids for three days. I think it's a good call. Get the fill, let things calm down, slowly add things in. Pamper that baby!

    Keep us posted.



  2. You got this Sofie and I am glad to see you are not giving up!

  3. I hope this fill helps. Ask the Dr to back out what is in there so you know what is actually in there. I had some back and forth issues for quite a time before we figure out my port was leaking. (not saying that is your issue)


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