Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Grateful that I can still be Grateful...

Well I have been MIA as lives other then my own have taken over here...

If you have read past blogs my oldest son gets bullied - often - so the last few weeks was a lesson in small town behaviour and mentality...

My child - is almost 13 but he's not violent at all but he always wants to hang with the bad kids and that often gets him in trouble and bullied - go figure - you would think the bad kids would stick up for him but no they just watch.

So after an x-ray of his rib and the kid and the bully kid & his parents coming to our house to offer him up for chores to make up for hitting my child (yes please come to my home so my kid could also feel unsafe here) and a trip to the police and a non progressive call with the principal and a day of missed work and alot of anger followed by alot of crying I have come to the conclusion that you have to take care of your own shit and that I hate alot of people!

So after all that - I have been trying to stay on track with my food and I did so so. I need a fill but cant get one until after holidays - Yeah Florida!

So today I am grateful for being able to still be able to be grateful for anything after seeing the extreme ugliness that the world can hand out - especially to kids who are just trying to figure it out.

ps. super proud of JennXaz who hit onederland!!! Im coming but slow like a a snail or maybe in my case a slug. LOL xoxo


  1. Bullies suck. Glad you are such a good mama and dealt with it right away. Hugs!

  2. oh you poor thing that sounds terrible...bullying is just not right and frankly I think it comes from the parents so they were probably of no help. I am praying for you to stay strong (like I know you are) and for your older son to not let this get him down. Hugs..and thanks for the shoutout on really is fantastic!

  3. God I hate that you and your son went through this. WHY does this keep happening????? I'm so sorry.


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