Monday, 31 December 2012

Recap of 2012

Only a few more hours until 2013. I cant wait I have always liked the thought of starting over. I cant believe I have been banded almost a year - it has taken me that long to really learn the band and yes lean how to cheat the band (and myself) I am sorry Lola and I am sorry me! The fat me thinks she's clever and comes up with these ways to eat what she wants again and again but now with Miss Lola there she's in for a rude awakening of PB'ing everytime she gets too tricky. So after many tears and many pb's I have learned alot and have learned to work with my band not work the band. below is a short reflection on the year that has passed. I promise the next year will be yummy bloggie goodness coming from a new respect for myself and what I have committed to.

January 2012 - 1 year at my job - excited about being banded - started reading and blogging pretty frequently - started telling people about being banded.

February 2012 - Turned 40 - Started Pre Op - Started getting scared of decision to be banded - turned to blogging for help

March 2012 - Scared to death about surgery - Banded on March 7th - Slow recovery - lots of well wishers - loving my blog friends - found my BOOBmie JennXaz

April 2012 - Began solids - really scared to drink pop or do anything out of the ordinary food wise - blogging steady

May 2012 - 1st fill - 1st stuck - 1st experience that the band is REALLY changing everything

June 2012 - Planning for BOOBS - Starting to have ups and downs with my band - being a bit more adventurous with food

July 2012 - Trip to Boston - Stuck - Stuck and Stuck - move on to diet of Ice Cream and Chowder - Gained weight - Accountability started losing its shine

August 2012 - BOOBS Challenge begins - did well at the start - got into weight daily

September 2012 - BOOBS 3.0 - Met some awesome women that I plan to stay close with always!!!

October - Unfil and band problems - stomach irritated - leave it alone

November 2012 - Barium Swallow - Band is OK - will leave it at prime fill until after holiday

December 2012 - Universal & Florida for Christamas - No weight gain but no weight loss - Saw Speck again YEAH!!!! -  Big .2cc fill back up to 4.7cc in band ready for 2013 action.

That is all in a nutshell - Happy Happy New Year to you all thank you for reading this!!!! See you for a better and more focused 2013!!!!


  1. I'm a few months behind you lady.... Banded in May. Lets get this shit done in 2013,

  2. You got this! It's obvious that you are thinking and planning for a successful year. I think the fill was a great idea.

    I hope this year will continue to be a learning lesson and that you will continue to learn what works and what doesn't.

    I told you when I saw you, it's been over four years for me. But four years later, I'm better off than where I was. As long as we keep moving forward, it's a success. It doesn't mean there aren't road blocks, we just have to go around them.

    Love ya girl.

    Happy New Year.


  3. This year was a nonyear for me weight wise but don't regret my decision for a minute. 2013 is going to look a lot different for both of us! Happy new year sweetie!

  4. 2013 is going to be a great year! Miss talking to ya, lady. :)


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