Wednesday, 26 December 2012 2013!!!!

Well let me 1st say that we have been on holiday in Florida for over a week now and it is about to come to an end. I can safely say that Canada and the US are very very different - especially when it comes to food. I went to Target 7 times and will go again today. OMG I love what you can get here. On the downside - Golden Coral - if I didn't have a band... Im scared to think how much I would have stuffed in. Ive done lots of walking - Universal both parks - 3 days, City Walk, NASA - Im pooped! But Im sure what I am eating outweighs all the walking.

Here's my family enjoying Harry Potter MANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im am jumping up & down inside!


On our way home tomorrow I get to visit with our little southern dumpling Sandra. I cant wait to hear her voice and see her happy face. This woman fills my heart with Joy! Too bad we couldn't visit Rockband Barbie but she was too far off the path for us to travel - but I heard mention of Vegas 2013 - ???

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is looking forward to 2013 - I know I am. When I return home I am demanding a super fill - LOL .1cc maybe .1.5 I want to enter 2013 with a reminder that this band will work and I think that Im done my learning after 9 months of living with it. I've learned what I cant eat but unfortunately I have learned what I can and what I can cheat with. I blame me for not jumping on that ACCOUNTABILITY horse and holding on for dear life. The 1st time I fell off I decided it was too hard. BOO HOO ME :(

Really Im so good at blaming other entities for my weight struggles. Im learning my band is my most recent favourite - learning for 9 months - Im not stupid so I should be a master by now. I hate planning around meals and I actually do struggle eating with my family - they dont notice even when I tell them - they eat super fast.

Im going to make a list of goals before the New Year arrives so stay tuned!

Enjoy your last moments of 2012! Until later!


  1. I am so, so jealous that you are visiting Sandra :-) I would love to see you both!!! So happy to hear you had a great vacation! My husband loves Golden Coral!

  2. I am sorry we won't be having dumpling tomorrow! lol(we really could have)

    I can't wait to see you and meet your boys!(includes hubby)

    Guess what? You can practically walk to Target from where you are going to be staying!lol

    And yes, next year we will continue to have success with this band.




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