Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ten Things at Midnight....

Starting something and not finishing it has been the theme of the past 2 weeks... Ive have written alot of posts but have never finished them so I promised I would do a TTT this week... even if its Friday here already... I at least still have a few hours on AZ time.

1. The past couple of weeks has been a ride with my band... it all started with getting sick and going on antibiotics... well did you know that antibiotics can make your stomach swell??? Well - yes they can - the stronger the more likely. So after my 5 day course of antibiotics I was tight tight tight, stressed out and stuck on everything. Pb'ing pretty much every time I tried to eat a protein that was solid.

2. Then came the crying boy home from school. My 12 yr old has a hard time - the kid he thought was his friend made fun of him and called him jelly belly and told him at least he's 1000lbs thinner than his mom aka me... It thought having boys would keep them from caring about their bodies like girls but this is not the case... He has been not eating and tells me he's fat. I am so sad that I am so big that he gets made fun of because of me - I have done everything in my power to not give pass along the 1 thing I hate the most - being fat.

3. On Tuesday - my only day off this week - I had a HUGE unfill .5cc - my band is now at 4.0 and Im a bit freaked out... I ate a sandwich at a luncheon today and didnt worry about being stuck even though I chewed like crazy and took apart my food like I normally would I knew the unfill would work no more being stuck, no pb'ing.  On one hand Im so happy but on the other Im scared that the weight will go up up up...

4. Ive had such a tough journey with my band - Im learning slowly but its frustrating being super sensitive to it - antibiotics make me tight - stress make me tight - if the wind is blowing to much - Im tight - I need to be uber aware of what it going on beyond my food.

5. It's less than a week away till my 1st BOOB's - Im really excited and Ive been boobifying myself with a purple pedicure (Funky Dunky OPI ), removal of all facial hair (LOL) and today - hair colour. I havent pampered myself so much since my wedding. It's so exciting...

Ok - I think I'll have to stick to my unfinished business theme and end this blog at 5 and on a high note...


  1. Ugh. I hate the teasing that goes on school. I have girls and I know it's going to suck so bad.

    Sorry your band is so sensitive. I've heard of some bandsters that go to liquids when they KNOW they're going to tighten up due to stress or whatever. May be something you want to consider so that you're not constantly filling and unfilling. :)

  2. Kids are little shits plain and simple. I stress to my daughter every day that she is beautiful and she was upset when a boy called her fat. My daughter is about 6" taller than everyone else in her class and is totally weight proportionate. I let her know that she was not fat at all. I explained to her that I was fat and the reason I wanted to lose weight was to be healthy and set a good example for her. I told her the other kid was an idiot and a bully and not to worry about it. Positive reinforcement is the key.

  3. Oh that would have broken my heart if my little boy came home and told me that....Your heart probably ached for him. I totally get the sensitive part. My last fill ended up needing to be removed because he added to much(.5cc was too much) I need to go in smaller increments and my doc says my green zone is very small. Good thing you got an don't want to irritate that band and risk a slip. Love the prepping for the trip. I have been mentally packing all week for what I plan on darn jacked right now!

  4. I wanted to get a pedi, and maybe my hair did. Closest thing that I came to is taking my 3 month old polish off, and going to get my bangs trimmed today, because that's all I have time for.

    Oh well.

    see ya in a day!


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