Saturday, 7 January 2012

BTW - I told!!!

Well - I ended up telling my sisters. Yup - there I was thinking about something my friend Gilly said in a comment... she said she never told in case she didnt lose the weight. Well - yup that was it staring right at me - Im not telling so I have an escape plan - if they dont know and I dont lose weight then so be it. The less people who know the less REAL it is.

The reaction was pretty on the ball - my little sister is worried because its surgery (which was sweet) but the others were bang on and they really havnt said anything else about it. I guess I picked good timing and they are all absorbed in their own drama to be focused on me - which is great.

The reason of WHY I didnt tell made me think about all my diet failures of life and I realized that I always had an out and excuse - I am Queen of the loop hole. I can figure out a way to bend almost anything so I can indulge. I promised myself that after being banded I will NOT do this. I have purposely not done a ton of research on eating with the band because I know that I will find the way to cheat - other than the obvious (Milkshakes and Chocolate). I do it for everything - Im a rule bender - have been as long as I can remember. Its been wonderful at times but with the food - no so much!

So my promise to all of you and to ME is that I WILL follow the food rules with my band until I reach my goal. Then maybe I can bend a little.

Until later


p.s. Surgery is 2 MONTHS away!!!!


  1. You know what? You're way smarter than me! If I'd thought of it in that an escape plan, I might have told more people. Smart of you! :)

  2. I am a total rule bender....I so get that! I kinda just had an aha moment...I love reading blogs for this very reason!


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