Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Understand YOUR band!

I have been banded for 10 months - 10 very hard months...
It has taken me this long to understand my band and understand all the details of how it works with me.

The best advice I have been given is... "Do not compare yourself to other bansters." Well this is hard to do because if you follow more than 1 blog like I do then Im sure you have favourites that you admire and wish you could do what they have done. It's human nature...

Well I have had a rough start with my band. Learning what foods I cannot eat (pork, potatoes, bread, sandwiches, shrimp, pad thai :( ..... ) and can eat (turkey slices, cheese and water) and what happens when Im sick and what happens to my band during my monthlies and how I need to change to meet the changes that I cannot see or feel until often its too late and Im running to the bathroom. I was internally beating myself up when I was not meeting my goals that were not really MY goals. The worst of my difficulties was my own fault as I had thought the emotional part of my head would automatically listen to the signals from my band - I did not think the band would be magic but I was really hoping... and when it did not - well that took me for a loop. I kept on testing it and testing it and I kept being disappointed. I really thought that my emotional eating would be curbed by my band - that the pain from being stuck would be an automatic shut down switch to my emotional eating but sadly no...

You see when you understand and learn your band as I have in the past 10 month you also understand how to cheat and get away with things... it felt good at first when it was only once in a while but then when I realized that Im just letting the emotional eater win - again.  Its like some evil Jekyll and Hyde with a dress living within me pushing my bad girl to eat that chocolate and adapt my food choices to get those emotional needs met in the exact same way that I did before my band but with slider foods because my crazy Jekyll and Hyde chick really does not like being stuck.

I was so emotional about the cheating, about the getting stuck, about the weight not moving that it was a vicious circle that needed to stop and my body stopped it with a scare that really brought perspective back to this journey.

The greatest thing about the band is that you can make adjustments to your journey and if you're having a rough time as I was you can always restart your journey where you left off. I know that without my band I would have gained all my weight back and then some when I went into emotional mode but now I am exactly where I left off - no gain - no loss and ready to move forward on a different path but towards the same goal.  Now that Ive gotten through that huge learning curve and am armed with a better understanding how my band works with me I can recognize when Im eating to stuff away my feelings and lying to myself and not rely on my band as I did to get me out of those situations and rely on myself to get the hell away from food.

Its funny... I thought I had all my ducks in a row when I started this journey - I thought I had researched enough and talked with everyone I could and I probably did but until you are in it you cannot know what it is like because everyones journey is different and everyones bands are different and although I love getting inspired by the bloggers I follow I now know that I cannot walk in their foot steps even though we may all be heading to the same place.


  1. That's it, girl! Make it YOUR journey! We are hear to support you!

  2. You got this Sofie..don't quit!

  3. Great insight and great post.

    Yep, I remember in the beginning thinking, "oh my gosh, I've got this now". Wrong. It is a journey. But like you said, without my band, there is no telling what I would weigh.

    Also, I remember in the beginning that I couldn't eat fruit. I think it took about a year. I love blueberries and I remember thinking, I will never be able to eat blueberries again. Wrong again. Today, four years later, I can eat most fruits.

    Love ya girl. And by the way, my husband has not forgotten your son. He has some things to mail.(not sure he will like it though lol )


  4. Great post! And so many of us need to read this and REALLY take it in. I was nodding along through the whole post. Thanks!


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