Wednesday, 24 July 2013

my new hair and other shit!

I now have a new hair colour (or color in the US). I love it -its just what I needed. Change is upon me. Im still here going along slowly but sure of my direction.

Im learning to not fight my band - it took me a year and a bit and now that Im over it and headed in the right direction but I am sick of people thinking I need their help - "you are not banded, its not about not eating a chocolate bar (F$#@ you really think is about wanting a chocolate bar don't you???) WOW - you have no clue. 

They are coming out of the woodwork lately and putting in their 2 cents like Im some lost cause that they can save from the food - especially my one friend -  F#@% OFF!!! 

This is MY journey - not yours - you DONT know what I need! I am the only one who knows what I need and I am the only one who can fulfill the need. You worry about you and I'll worry about me. Im sure it makes you feel off the hook since you have "tried to help me" and I refuse to take your help because "I dont know what I need" Since when are you me?

My journey is longer then many but so what - I have short legs and walk slower. My brain is so complicated with my crap that I must work through. So to all those " people who want to help"  all I have to say is... nothing... because you wouldn't listen anyway. To everyone else thanks for being there on that road to show me the path and understand that I was a little slow - I couldn't have gotten this far without your judgement and understanding ~ xo bloggies


  1. LOVE the new hair!!! Good on you for not putting up with everyone on their judging! My journey has been slow too but eventually my dear, we will both get to where we are going !! XOXO

  2. Your hair is too cute! I know exactly what you mean by those people who think they just have to save us from ourselves. So freakin' annoying! My journey is a turtle's pace but why wouldn't it be? I've always been slow. You and I can pull up the rear together. We'll still make it to the finish line!

  3. After typing that I realized that there really is no finish line. This is something we're always going to have to work on and keep at. We'll always battle our weight, even once we're at "goal." So to the speedsters, I say "F*$% off!" because you're always going to be on the same road as me and eventually we'll be the same weight anyway.

    Sorry for the ramble.

    1. I love the ramble and often I need the ramble. Yes I always wish I had the balls to say it to their face but I know Im still the fat girl who is funny and out there when she is being funny but not when she needs to advocate for herself. So I can say F off on here and I do feel alot better. I know slow is still good we cant all be the same - that would be boring. Im with you in the slow lane we get to see more from there anyway.


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