Wednesday, 22 May 2013


I cant even remember the last time I blogged which is sad. I have been struggling with my band for so long that I just hated all the complaining that I had been doing on my blog. I really thought this would be more simple.

I have had a big unfill and another barium swallow and it was lovely to be able to eat without throwing everything up but it wasnt lovely to know that my band was fine and that it was my fault that this is not working for me.

I have lost zero since my last blog. Im depressed and trying to figure out what to do from here. I was hoping it was the band... that would have been easy.

I know my coworkers and family are wondering what went wrong and I have been lying to them blaming my band because I dont want to deal with their advice.

I feel like Ive let me down and everyone around me. Im just working my way through - waiting for it all to click.

But for now Im reading your blogs when I can and trying to revamp my strategy.


  1. Not everyone's band story is that of rainbows and kittens. That's the unfortunate truth. I have gained 15 pounds in 6 months. However, the beauty of this little piece of plastic is that you can always start over. I know you hate the idea of starting over but it is what it is. It sounds like you have never been in the "green zone." It's an elusive little beast. You're either too loose or too tight and that's no bueno. My guess is you were too tight for way too long and resorted to sliders. And also unfortunately, the band does nothing to aid diets like shakes or detox or anything else because it works on volumes. Liquids are always going to go right through and not fill you up. Good luck getting back at it.

  2. Sorry to hear your disappointment but like MandaPanda can always start over..we are here for you but we can't do it for you...good luck figuring it sure isn't easy


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