Thursday, 7 March 2013

1 year banded...10 things about my year

not my cake but very cool (and a bit weird) that someone made a lap band/stomach cake

Happy Birthday LOLA!!!

On March 7th I was banded - I was scared and excited and had alot of hope for the future... fast forward a year later and Im alot more realistic about my journey and I now know what I can expect from my band. So in the spirit of 10 things Thursday here are the 10 things Ive learned this year.

1. Old habits are really really hard to change and the band is not magic - no matter how much I hoped it would be. The band will not stop me from emotional eating (it sometimes makes me want to eat) only I can stop me.

2. Most slider foods are really really fattening.

3. I wish I never told people that I got my band... They watch and judge and advise (my favourite) but they don't get it...

4. Even though I said I would never compare myself to other bandsters - I do.

5. This year has been a journey of very little weight loss but alot of learning.

6. With the band I don't go up with my weight when Im having a rough time - I just sit on hold and when Im ready I can always start again.

7. The band has really shown me what outside factors play with my emotions - situations that I never thought made me stressed out do... even if I dont look it or feel it - the band always knows and gets super tight.

8. Saggy skin bothers me more than I expected.

9. The learning will never stop. The band is always changing along with my shape - what works today might not work tomorrow - the best thing that I can do is to have a plan.

10. Blogging and meeting some of you in person is one of the best thing I've ever done for myself. ((((HUGS))))


  1. Happy bandiversary! (I don't think I'd want to eat a stomach cake tho... lol)

    It sounds like you've had a very good year - weight lost, lessons gained - good stuff!

  2. Happy bandiversary!!! I super duper love you my little Canadian cupcake!!!

  3. happy bandiversary!!!!! I miss you my little canadian mountie!

  4. What the f#@K is with that cake! Gawd, that would probably be the only cake I wouldn't eat! lmao

    Ok, on a serious may not be where you want to be with the band or where you *thought* you would be, but I truly believe you are better off with it!

    So continue doing what you can and if it is baby steps, it's moving your forward.

    Love me some...oops, I was going to say your name.

    Georgia Peach....blah ha ha ha


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