Saturday, 16 February 2013

Domino effect...

I live off the domino effect... In my work its a positive and gets me more sales, more contact, more "bums in seats" as they say. It unfortunately follows me in my daily life usually like a unwanted little brother dragging me down.
Valentines day celebrations began this domino effect. Chocolate, a nice dinner (with lots of butter) and more chocolate has lead to an obscene amount of potato chips, whoopie pies and wine.

I don't drink wine - I like my girly drinks but it takes a lot of effort to slap together a mojito so I don't drink. All my friends drink - they are those moms who come home and have a glass of wine -I always wanted to be those moms but I discovered that I'm a lightweight (that's funny cause I'm fat) and can only drink fruity whites instead of bold reds which would best suit my personality. I feel a bit ashamed I must say...

So there I was the day after valentines buying up $10 worth of British potato chips, a whoopie pie and 2 bottles of wine. What the hell?? I started my morning with a green smoothie and lunch with a cheese string and turkey slices.

Today has been a mess. Just trying to recover from the domino effect is enough to make a girl scream!!! Do you know what a pain in the ass it is to get those dominos back in the pattern that was working?

So off I go to spend my weekend picking up my dominos and my life. Until later xo

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